3 Companies Sony Could Potentially Buy Next

In the wake of Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda. We ask the question: What will Sony's response be? Will they purchase an existing company on the market to match up with Microsoft's big acquisition? If so, here are 3 companies that Sony could potentially acquire, as a buyout or buying of IPs.

3 Companies Sony Could Potentially Buy Next Cover

Microsoft made a massive splash in the gaming world. The makers of the Xbox made a gigantic purchase of Zenimax Media for a whopping 7.5 billion dollars. This acquisition marks the biggest purchase in gaming history. If you have never heard of Zenimax Media, you have undoubtedly heard about Bethesda. If you’ve never heard about Bethesda, you’re either: A. New to gaming or B. Living underneath a rock. Certainly, Bethesda is best known for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series from Bethesda Game Studios and famed director Todd Howard, along with publishing high adrenaline games of mayhem such as Doom, Wolfenstein, Dishonored, and The Evil Within. Although nothing is as clear as day on what plans Microsoft has for Bethesda. I certainly hope it’s not Skyrim Ultra Omega Special Edition. However, for PlayStation fans, there is the question: “What company could Sony buy next as a response?”

They have been quiet after this purchase. I mean, they are trying to figure out the PlayStation 5 preorder disaster situation as we speak. Although, it raises a good question on what their next move is. PlayStation has been known as the “Exclusive Giant”, after all. From studios such as Santa Monica Studios, Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games, Insomniac Games, and Media Molecule; they certainly should have a response to this. Well, this could mean the production of a new studio or a purchase of a well-established studio, like what Microsoft did. If they choose the latter, what potential companies can they acquire next? Here are 3 companies Sony could potentially buy soon as a response to Microsoft’s Bethesda purchase.

Note: Some of these can be complete company buyouts or assets/IPs (Intellectual Properties).

1. Konami/Kojima Productions

Could we see Metal Gear return in Kojima's hands?

Could we see Metal Gear return in Kojima’s hands?

Now, this would likely be a tough buy to make, the potential on par with Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda. However, if we are talking about buying assets, I feel Konami is the best place to go. Yes, Konami is busy making tons of money in Pachinko machines, but they could be open to the idea of their IP’s being bought out. This means Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Silent Hill could return home to Playstation as exclusives. Strategically, this makes a lot of sense if Sony pursues purchasing Kojima Productions with Hideo Kojima leading the charge. I mean, Konami’s last attempt was kind of awful. (Ahem, Metal Gear Survive.) This would be a perfect scenario for Sony to go. Hideo can finally reunite with Snake and friends, no matter how convoluted the story can be.

However, we can agree that the Metal Gear series is better in Kojima’s hands. Hence, ahem, Metal Gear Survive. Also, for those looking to get their freak out on: PT anyone? With a purchase of Silent Hill, we can finally see the full PT game we have all been dying to see. However, imagine this — in VR. This would add a new level of scary nightmares and wetting of beds as the lights turn off. My heart pounds fast watching scary games on Youtube; I can only imagine VR. As for Castlevania, besides being the one the highest-rated anime on Netflix, many people would love to see another Castlevania. Especially those who were fans of Symphony of the Night and the classics. Given Kojima’s relationship with Sony, it’s a good chance that Kojima Productions could be the next company Sony purchases.

2. Capcom

Street Fighter V is a PS exclusive. Could Resident Evil follow suit?

Street Fighter V is a PS exclusive. Could Resident Evil follow suit?

Hadouken! We all know the iconic signature move from Ryu. Now picture that as a PlayStation-only move. Capcom would make for an exciting purchase for Sony. While Street Fighter V is a PlayStation (and PC) exclusive, could we potentially see more Capcom games become the same? Again, this could be another IP purchase. Sony has undoubtedly gained our attention with its gameplay footage of Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition and Resident Evil: Village. Are they potential hinting to a significant purchase of the company or at least the IP’s? Street Fighter seems to be set in stone for future installments on the PS5 and beyond. Resident Evil and Devil May Cry could follow suit.

There is a ton of potential that could be made from Capcom. We are talking about a new Mega Man or even a reboot. Not only that, we can finally look forward to the fourth installment of the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, not counting Infinite. If Sony wants to be zesty, maybe a Capcom Vs. PlayStation All-Stars? Just a suggestion. If not buy the IPs, there is a chance for exclusivity deals such as the agreement with Street Fighter. Could Capcom be the company Sony buys next?

3. Square Enix

Could a Square Enix purchase happen from Sony?

Could a Square Enix purchase happen from Sony?

Another thing Sony is known for is being a colossal console seller of JRPG’s. Square Enix has been a staple company aligning with PlayStation since the beginning of the PS1 days, when the company was formally called Square Soft. The trend continues, especially after the reveal of Final Fantasy XVI, which is slated to launch soon as a PlayStation and PC exclusive. Square Enix is also known for Tomb Raider, which had a brief stint as a timed Xbox exclusive; now fully realized as multiplatform. Crystal Dynamics, in particular, have faced scrutiny from both the media and fans for their Spider-Man exclusivity on PlayStation for Marvel’s Avengers. So, it’s safe to say the relationship between Sony and Crystal Dynamics is fine and dandy since Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Perhaps we could see an adventurous mash-up of Nathan Drake and Lara Croft, but one can dream. There isn’t a clear sign from Sony’s interest in the company, but it would not be a shock to anyone if they did pursue a purchase of the company. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts is proof that PlayStation is the leading home for JRPG’s now and the future.

Final Fantasy XVI - Awakening Trailer | PS5

Could Sony purchase these companies or IPs?

Why yes, they could. Several reports claim that Playstation’s net worth is 45 billion dollars, and Sony is worth around 96 billion dollars. Plenty of money to buy these companies. Will they buy them? That is the real question. No real answer yet. Yes, a response to Microsoft’s surprising purchase of Bethesda will gain attention. However, Microsoft does have plenty of money to buy all these companies before mentioned and then some. For those who dev into the countless banters and arguments over console wars, this could shake things up. Some reports suggest Microsoft will purchase more companies in the future. Sony could sit comfortably striking exclusivity deals left and right, but like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, under the Bethesda banner. This will probably pose a problem in the future, especially if Microsoft owns more companies to make games exclusive to Xbox and Windows 10 PCs.

This is a deal-breaker and could change the whole gaming market and emphasize on exclusivity in the future. One thing is certain: Microsoft is heating things up. If they turn into a company like Disney, there could be nothing to stop them unless PlayStation stands in their way. While PlayStation is winning in sales throughout the years, Microsoft still has more money overall with its software and hardware, pushing them to the verge of a 1 trillion dollar breakthrough. Along with Google and now Amazon playing their hand in the game streaming market, Microsoft will perhaps shift on their competition elsewhere towards Apple and Amazon with the inclusion of xCloud. Sony needs to make a move soon, or it could be too late.

What company do you think Sony should buy next? If any at all. Leave your comments below.

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