12 New Cosy Games to Play in 2023

Here’s a list of 12 new cosy games to play in 2023. Titles like these are perfect for helping people unwind after long days and leave their worries behind. From farming sims to puzzle games, each entry below is sure to provide some much needed escapism. It never hurts to have a cosy game on hand in case of a rainy day.

12 New Cosy Games To Play in 2023

Games offer amazing experiences that are hard to find in real life. Whether its fighting dinosaurs or exploring haunted dungeons, gaming is an excellent way to bring players thrills from the comfort of their own home. A lot of times though, people just want to play something to unwind from the stresses of work or schooland this is where the cosy genre comes in. These are the games we go to when we’ve had enough of it all, and just to chill out on the sofa with a warm cup of tea. Sound good? If so, here are the 12 new cosy indie games to play in 2023.

Roots of Pachia

Do you like Stardew Valley? Cause if so, then I have the perfect game for you. Roots of Pachia is a farming and life sim set in the Stone Age with a focus on resource gathering and exploration. Your goal is to make your tribe’s newfound land feel like home. With a customisable environment, an upgradable town and a huge map to explore, this game has plenty to immerse yourself in.

Roots of Pachia looks warm, welcoming, and has a cheery vibe – basically everything a good cosy game needs. Simulators like this are great for letting players fully invest themselves in something. Spend enough time adventuring and hanging around your fellow NPCs, and eventually this in-game world will become a vibrant second home. Oh, and it’s multiplayer too. Fun!

Coming to PC on April 25th, and all other current and last gen consoles later.

Roots of Pacha - Release Date Trailer

Way to the Woods

Sometimes what makes a game truly cosy isn’t a colourful world or relaxed gameplay. Sometimes, it’s the hook of a heartfelt adventure. In Way to the Woods you play as a deer and fawn with a simple goal: return to the forest. Your job in this game is to protect and guide both protagonists in what promises to be a very rewarding, fulfilling journey.

Way to the Woods doesn’t have a warm and optimistic atmosphere like other cosy games on this list. But what really sells this title as a ‘cosy game’ to me is its innocence. It’s all about two lovable heroes on a daring mission players can enjoy from the comfort of their own bedroom. Its pacing looks relaxed and fluid, and seems to me like a lovely title to play for some quality down time.

Coming to PC, Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One sometime this year.

Way to the Woods Release Window Trailer | Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition

Mail Time

From my experience, the most relaxing games are the ones that put players under the least amount of pressure. The gameplay itself is less important than you’d think. If developers can make players feel they can go at their own pace, then they’ve got a great cosy game on their hands. I believe that Mail Time is one of these games.

This title has you play as a mail scout, who’s tasked with delivering letters in a vast new neighbourhood. In real life, this would be totally stressful. In Mail Time however, it looks like an absolute treat. With no impatient customers or angry bosses to answer to, this game lets players take their time exploring a vibrant natural world. It gives a ‘quiet walk in the park’ kind of energy, and is definitely a new cosy game you don’t want to miss in 2023.

Coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4/PS5 on April 27th.

Mail Time - Official Gameplay Trailer | Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition


You just know that a game with “tea” in the title is already off to a great start. In Spirritea, you play as a writer who moves to a remote village to gather inspiration for their new novel. Through a bizarre twist of fate however, they end up running a bathhouse for lingering spirits. Your job is to give dead souls a place to relax, all while getting settled in your new home and chipping away at your writing work.

Spirittea boasts a range of activities for players to enjoy. From karaoke to picking tea leaves, there’s plenty for everyone to sink their teeth into. Complimented by cheery visuals and a chirpy soundtrack, this title looks like it’ll give a serene gaming experience. Between running your bathhouse and making friends with the locals, you’re sure to leave all your worries behind if you load up this game.

Coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One sometime this year.

Spirittea - Official Gameplay Trailer | Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition

Botany Manor

If you’re looking for a peaceful video game, you’re probably not going to find anything better than Botany Manor. This title sees you fill the shoes of a retired botanist looking after a handful of mystical seeds. Solve puzzles as you work out your plants’ ideal environment, all while learning more about your protagonist’s past and exploring a beautiful 19th century home.

What’s striking about Botany Manor is how uplifting its environment is. The constant sunshine on the house’s well-designed surroundings gives it an almost dream-like feel. With no deadlines or strict objectives, this game will let players progress at their own pace. Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in this beautiful mansion and soak up everything it has to offer. This is a new cosy game that you just have to get your hands on in 2023.

Coming to PC and all consoles sometime this year.

Botany Manor - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Fall of Porcupine

A good cosy game will always offer escapism – a chance to leave your real life behind and lose yourself in a new adventure. Fall of Porcupine looks like it will do exactly that. Playing as a pigeon doctor recently transferred to a struggling hospital, this game is all about finding your footing in a new community.

On the surface, this game seems a little heavy. And as the trailer shows, it’s definitely going to have its more serious moments. But overall Fall of Porcupine looks like a cutesy emotional adventure all about making new friends and persevering when times are hard. Between getting to know the locals and carrying out your duties as a doctor, it’ll be tough to play this game without completely immersing yourself.

Coming to PC and all consoles sometime this year.

Fall of Porcupine - Announcement Trailer


Dordogne is a game that bravely tries to capture the magic of childhood – and I think it pulls it off excellently. In this game you control a young woman named Mimi, who’s trying to recall lost childhood memories after visiting her late grandmother’s home. Gameplay sees you jumping between the past and present, recording details of beautiful painted landscapes as you go.

This is one of the most unique indie titles I’ve seen in a long time, and I have big hopes of it being a great cosy game. Can you think of anything more pleasant than wandering through a hand-painted world, experiencing the joys of childhood all over again? I certainly can’t. With a premise this good and gameplay that seems simple yet satisfying, this is definitely a new cosy game you should try get your hands on 2023.

Coming to PC and all consoles in Spring 2023.

Dordogne - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Calling all cat-lovers! Are you looking for a video game that truly captures your feline fanaticism? If so, look no further then Snacko! This title sees you take control of an adorable black cat who’s left big city life behind in pursuit of peace. Leave all your troubles behind as you help him and his cat friend solve mysteries, explore and build a bustling new community.

Snacko is the cutest farming and adventure sim that I’ve ever seen. Of course, gameplay is looking solid, with it including all the tried and tested staples of games in this genre, like farming, cooking, and relationship building. Its true appeal however lies in its aesthetic. Snacko is a unique visual treat to look at, and its open world will give players loads to explore. The husband and wife duo behind this game are hosting a fun, immersive adventure – and everyone’s invited.

Coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 sometime this year.

Snacko - Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2022


There’s nothing more peaceful than floating in water – and with Naiad, you can do it from the comfort of your own bed. Brand new solo dev HiWarp brings us a serene game about floating down river. And that’s it. The magic of Naiad is in its simplicity. You’re a mystical creature traveling along ponds and rivers, with absolutely no objectives or responsibility.

That’s not to say there’s nothing to do in this game. The developer themselves says Naiad both has a story and plenty of mysteries. But the main appeal is the game’s visuals, soothing soundtrack, and movement. Unwind by watching rippling waters as you drift all the way to the ocean. If you want a game that relaxes both muscles and mind, Naiad is definitely one of the new cosy games you need to check out in 2023.

Coming to PC and all consoles sometime this year.

Naiad - Day of the Devs Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island

Island getaway anyone? Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island is offering some high-tier escapism with an extra helping of mythology. Join protagonist Alex, who finds themselves washed up on a mysterious island filled with Greek Gods that’ve lost their memories. Make new friends, explore, and solve puzzles to unravel the island’s secrets.

What gives me big hopes for this title is actually the circumstances surrounding its development. Mythwrecked’s creators say that the idea for the game came to them during peak COVID restrictions, a time when everyone needed a bit of an escape. Now, they’ve created a tropical paradise filled with enough unique NPCs and mystery to make a great immersive adventure. If you want a sun-filled holiday from the comfort of your own home, then this game is for you.

Platforms TBC, releasing sometime this year.

Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island Announcement Trailer


What’s a cosy gaming session without some good food? Venba is a cooking game where you try to restore long lost recipes all while dealing with the ups and downs of family life. This title is beautifully animated and seems to offer fluid, easy-going gameplay that anyone could enjoy.

If cooking looked this fun in real life, then I’d be probably be a professional chef right now. Every dish in Venba looks absolutely delicious, complimented of course by the game’s Indian-themed soundtrack and cutesy art style. The actual cooking gameplay looks great too, not to mention the overarching narrative that fills the space between each meal. I don’t know about you, but I want my next cosy gaming session to come with a large portion of Venba.

Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch.

Venba - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

The Shape of Things

For some people, there’s nothing cosier than chipping away at a nice brainteaser or jigsaw. And if that sounds like you, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. The Shape of Things brings rubix cube-esque puzzle solving to everyday items, like suitcases, rubber ducks and egg timers. It looks so basic, and yet so incredibly satisfying.

This title only has a short teaser, but really it tells us everything we need to know. The gameplay looks very intuitive, and the ball machine snippet we see hints at unlockables and some way to mark progression. Plus, the line “This game has been tested by people who haven’t solved a rubix cube in their life” promises it should be accessible for all players. Looking for some very peaceful puzzle solving? Then give The Shape of Things a try.

Coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox on May 26th.

The Shape Of Things Teaser Trailer


Hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 12 new cosy games coming out in 2023. Which one looks cosiest to you? Let me know in the comments down below! To all my chilled out gamers out there, I hope that some game on this list gives you the break you need from the busy world we live in. Just promise me that you’ll play each game with a hot cup of tea, and your comfiest blanket!

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