12 Key Quotes from Jim Ryan’s GQ Interview

The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment gave some big news in a brief interview this week. As he laid out plans for the coming years, he also highlighted some big areas for improvement. Here are the key quotes that you might have missed in the GQ interview with Jim Ryan.

12 Key Quotes from Jim Ryan’s GQ Interview

Jim Ryan recently spilled the beans on things going on at PlayStation with some key quotes in an interview with GQ. We got news about PSVR 2, PlayStation games coming to PC, and a lot of interesting tidbits. For any who missed out, here are the highlights from the PlayStation boss’ recent chat.

For more PS5 news you can check out details on the upcoming State of Play or the free game coming with the revival of the Play at Home initiative.

PS5 Demand

It’s not hard to see that everyone loves PlayStation. They’ve reached a new level of brand ubiquity that makes their console so popular. This has translated into huge demand. And Ryan made this plain: “we sold 4.5 million PS5s at the end of December – that’s more than we did PS4s in 2013 and that was the high watermark for the PlayStation generation.”

The huge success that was the PS4 has made Sony’s latest offering an even bigger one. There are also new customers, too. According to Ryan, “one in four of those who have bought a PlayStation 5 do not have a PS4.” PlayStation’s huge popularity combined with the pandemic has led to everyone wanting a PS5. However, this has also led to not everyone getting one.

The much sought-after PS5 has been hard to to find due to supply issues.

The much sought-after PS5 has been hard to find due to supply issues.

PS5 Supply

Ryan sounded emphatic when he made clear all the work they’re doing to get PS5s on the market. He highlighted where the stumbling blocks were for production: “one very visible example is the difficulties in the semiconductor market […] whether it’s automobiles, smartphones, PCs or games consoles, the problems in all those areas are very widely documented.” Even so, we didn’t really get any extra info, just enthusiasm: “We have been relentless in terms of trying to increase production and I really can’t say any more than that.”

Throwing Shade at Cyberpunk

In strange style for a bigwig at a big company, Jim Ryan also highlighted CD Projekt Red’s recent failings in this standout quote from the GQ interview: “you can either hold the date and put out the game irrespective of quality or you can ship it when it’s right” he said, sounding like a Geordie Miyamoto. He then went on to make clear what situation he’s trying to avoid: “We have always taken the latter approach. There have been some fairly high-profile instances of publishers trying the former approach.” Spicy.

CD Projekt Reds big mistake has not gone unnoticed.

CD Projekt Red’s big mistake has not gone unnoticed.


Now the big news, with a clear statement of intent: “So this will be a completely new VR format for PS5.” Ryan in his ever affable fashion was sure to make clear that they will be making significant improvements: “things like moving to a very easy single-cord setup with this one and many other similar learnings.” Especially reassuring is how far along they are, as they’re already getting software developers into the fold: “Dev kits are about to go out.”

PlayStation Games on PC

Ryan was clear and clinical in explaining why Sony is bringing their games to PC: “There’s an opportunity to expose those great games to a wider audience and recognise the economics of game development, which are not always straightforward.” However, noting the PC release of Horizon: Zero Dawn, he did say that there was no adverse reaction to it: “people liked it and they bought it […] So we will continue to take mission steps in this direction.” I do remember one or two angry children on Twitter, at least.

More Free Games

There was good news for any PS Plus subscribers too, with the promise to keep bringing big games to the subscription service: “We see this is a very interesting and innovative way to publish games and to make games available to our subscribers. It works for us as the publisher and we know that subscribers to PlayStation Plus love it.” Hopefully, that means that the new God of War will be free on release. Just seems the logical thing to do . . .

He Likes Astro’s Playroom, Obviously

I haven’t played Astro’s Playroom, because I can’t get a PS5, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good. And, believe it or not, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment likes this new PS5 game too: “Astro’s Playroom is a great game. You know, for an old-time PlayStation guy like me, I love all those Easter eggs that go back into all those games that I enjoyed many, many years ago.” Who would’ve guessed?

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