10 Promising Upcoming Steam Games to Look Out For

Steam Next Fest may be over, but it surely left us on a happy note, with hundreds of demos to enjoy. Whether you’re into horror, RPGs, visual novel, roguelite, or FPS, there’s plenty of promising upcoming games to look out for.

10 Promising Upcoming Steam Games to Look Out For

I always look forward to each Steam Next Fest because it means I’ll be searching for new, upcoming games I know I’ll enjoy. 

This time was no different and I tried many different demos, even going out of my comfort zone and delving into horror—still a big nope as expected. Among all the roughs, I’m happy to say that I surely found some diamonds, so here’s a list of 10 promising upcoming Steam games to look out for.


Aces and Adventures - Trailer

Aces and Adventures is not your regular deck builder RPG. Inspired by Norse and Middle Eastern mythology, this fast-paced, kinetic card battler comes with poker-powered attacks. Fight your opponent with your mana abilities to save the Life Tree from the evil that gnaws at her roots.

It’d be good to familiarise yourself with the basic rules of poker… you know, just to avoid embarrassing defeats. 


Nanomon Virtual Pet // Trailer

Does anyone remember a little egg-shaped device called Tamagotchi? If you’re as old as I am, you’ve surely spent part of your teenhood taking care of this undefined creature. The aim of this was to nurture this little blob into a beautiful—if you were lucky enough—adult creature and keep it alive until they died of old age.

The premise of Nanomon is basically the same: take care of this cute ball with eyes until they grow and are ready to leave their nest. How and what it grows into is entirely up to you. Feed it, keep it happy, and keep up with its sport schedule—’cause that’s apparently what it’s into—so it can be the fastest, strongest Nanomon in all the land. Also, don’t forget to take it outside for a stroll.

They say children grow up to the likes of their parents, right? I guess that explains why mine is set to grow into a pizza slice… 


a pet shop after dark - trailer

Next in this list of promising upcoming Steam games to look out for is A Pet Shop After Dark. I won’t deny that what first caught my attention was the cute graphics. However, there is so much more than adorable 2D characters in this horror point-and-click adventure. You’ve come to this pet shop looking for a job, but are you sure that’s all there is? A demo is supposed to make you want to buy the game, and in my opinion the developers executed that beautifully. I’m definitely intrigued and look forward to its release!

One question remains, though… What happens if I turn off the lights?


OVERLOOK is a zen game about people and other creatures living their lives

OVERLOOK is a zen game about people and other creatures living their lives

If you’re looking for a chill game, then you certainly don’t want to miss OVERLOOK. With its relaxing soundtrack, enjoy this zen game where you’re tasked with finding hidden or missing objects by solving mini-puzzles or simply by looking around. You can either drag and drop items to their rightful owners, or find specific objects by interacting with the scene before you. 

Now where’s that pink mug?


Potion Permit - Official Announcement Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2022

Pixel graphic games are one of my favourite things, so I couldn’t not include Potion Permit. Making potions seems fun, although this is not the only thing that can be accomplished in Moonbury! As a full-fledged chemist, there will be ingredients to gather for our ailments, remedies to brew, and patients to diagnose.  

I’ve got this, I’m sure all those hours spent playing Operation as a child will aid me. 


Anvil Saga — Release Date Trailer

Have you ever wanted to become a famous blacksmith? No? Well, it doesn’t matter, because in Anvil Saga you can! You’ve inherited the village smithy from your father (after years spent as an apprentice) so now you’re ready to show everyone what you’re capable of. Are you sure you’re ready, though? 

Don’t forget that your actions bring consequences and impact how the story will develop. We’re trying to impress a girl here, so keep that in mind, aye?


Clem - Reveal Teaser Trailer

Another promising upcoming Steam game to look out for is CLeM. This mystery adventure puzzle game will leave you wanting more. You wake up to a mysterious voice calling you and you find yourself in what is supposedly a basement. Who is CLeM and what does that voice want from you? Explore your surrounding and solve the puzzles, hopefully they’ll help you make sense of what’s going on. 

Now go, and bring ME beauty.  


Wildlife Planet is a Simulation & Idle game with the theme of wildlife and nature

Wildlife Planet is a Simulation & Idle game with the theme of wildlife and nature

Idle games are not always fun for me, but Wildlife Planet certainly makes an exception. Not only the refreshing scenes and immersive background music will have you relaxed in no time, but you’ll also be learning since the regions and wildlife in the game are real and verified by professional biologists. Isn’t it cool? There are some pretty interesting species—their description is very informative—so I look forward to playing the full game when it’s out. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to finish collecting my water drops. 


Witchy Life Story Trailer #1

I really enjoy visual novels, and even more so when I can customise my character and do more than just click “continue” so I can read more text. Witchy Life Story is a cute, story rich game that I can’t wait to play in full! Tend your garden to collect plants to use in your magical recipes, fill orders from your neighbours, craft spells, perform tarot readings, lead guided meditations, and more.

There’s no time to get bored in Flora—the village you’ll be staying in—so run along now. I’ve got a tarot reading appointment in five minutes and I can’t miss it.  


Naiad - First Trailer

Last in this list of promising upcoming Steam games to look out for—but certainly not least—is NAIAD. Flow with Naiad across a mysterious river and interact with its fauna and flora to discover little secrets. Not only that, but the art style is amazing, don’t you think?

You can sing, dive, breath underwater and also dash, what more can you ask for?

So there’s that, 10 promising upcoming Steam games to look out for! Have you played any of them? Is there any other you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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