10 Best Video Games for Spring 2022

Spring is officially here! It's time for nature to start blooming and for the temperature to start rising. Of course, there are plenty of great games to play to really get into that spring vibe. Here are 10 of the best games you can play to let your PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation bloom, too.

10 Best Video Games for Spring 2022There’s a reason spring is always associated with positivity. The days are getting longer, animals are coming out, and the white and grey of winter are finally giving way to a budding green. It’s getting a little warmer too – but not too warm. In my opinion, spring is the perfect balance between summer and winter. The classic themes of the season have historically inspired many artists all over the world to create all kinds of artworks. The inspiration and themes of spring aren’t lost on the developers of these great games either!

With these great games, you can fully immerse yourselves in the ideal spring. Even if outside might not be offering you the perfect spring experience yet. Let’s let nature bloom, raise our spirits alongside the temperature, and celebrate the new season with these best 10 games for spring 2022!

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Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery is akin to a movie experience in video game format. In this charming, calming game, you are an artist in a rustic apartment trying to complete her masterpiece for a New York Art Gallery. During this quest, you’ll live an engaging story centered around various works of art, their meaning, and the passion and emotion existing around them. 

Behind the Frame features both liveliness and senerenity - perfect for spring!

Behind the Frame features both liveliness and serenity – perfect for spring!

The world in this short visual novel is calming and immersive. The game lasts no longer than two hours, and you can play through the story at your own pace. The studio and the paintings paint vivid and panoramic portraits of the artists’ life and life in general. It might not have the most direct connection to spring, but the beautiful art style and atmosphere of this great game certainly stimulate the calming but also lively atmosphere of spring.

Panel de Pon

Who says all the games on this list have to be new? Panel de Pon originally came out in 1995 in Japan only, but it has been available since 2020 worldwide on the Nintendo Switch. The game is also known as Tetris Attack outside of Japan. However, the game has lost a lot of its floral flavor in the international version. 

Panel de Pon is all about saving nature

Panel de Pon is all about saving nature

You take control of Lip, one of the fairies on which the world relies. A gang of monsters attacked the once peaceful realm and corrupted all of the fairies – except for Lip. It’s up to you to defeat the other fairies and save nature. If such a plot doesn’t make for a great spring game, I don’t know what does. Aside from its flower-heavy theme, this game is refreshingly addictive. It’s easy to learn but hard to master, which has landed me some of the most 1-v-1 puzzling action I’ve had in months. 

No Place Like Home

Few games are as satisfying to me as games where you start in a wasteland, but by putting in the hours, you can turn any wilderness into a clean and beautiful land to live in. In No Place Like Home, it’s you against a dystopian, hyper-polluted version of the Earth not unlike WALL-E. Lucky for you, you’ve got all the tools at your disposal to return the environment to Earth. 

So wait, spring cleaning can be fun?

So wait, spring cleaning can be fun?

This game contains many of the classic spring themes. It’s in touch with nature, as you clean, farm, cook with the materials you find all around you. Everything in this game is about peace and harmony. It’s got that zen, springtime peace that the season ideally offers us in real life, too!

Spring Falls

Spring Falls is the type of game where you can be alone with your thoughts without any sense of time or things you have to do. All that matters at the moment is the simple setup of the game. Guide the water to moisture all the plants, so you can watch them grow. That’s all. 

Bringing nature alive is just always satisfying

Bringing nature alive is just always satisfying

This game lets you relax with its calming backgrounds, lighting, and background music. There’s no pressure whatsoever – if you lose too much water, you can just retry. The proposition of a relaxing puzzle game that lets you restore nature is enticing. The game exploits this setup excellently.


It’s great watching nature come back alive. It’s even better to lead it in its mission to do so. In Phytomancer, you work alongside Phytis, an ancient spirit that wants to restore the balance between humanity and nature. The goal is simple – prevent the world from becoming one like No Place Like Home, and fight pollution to save Earth.

Can you win in a 1-1 against pollution?

Can you win in a 1-1 against pollution?

This game uses the struggle between nature and pollution in a creative way. It’s a top-down turf-war in which you use your strategic wits to outsmart the enemy. This fast-paced strategy game is very satisfying to play, especially while the first foliage on the trees starts appearing outside.

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I couldn’t keep myself from including some clear candidates to celebrate spring. Minecraft lets you celebrate every season in style, whether it’s the first day of spring or the last day of summer. With Minecraft’s diverse assortment of flowers and trees, you can make many different floral arrangements to let the spirit of spring shine through in your game.

Vanilla Minecraft has a lot of flowers and nature to work with and enjoy

Vanilla Minecraft has a lot of flowers and nature to work with and enjoy

Of course, there are many different mods to spice up your Minecraft spring. The Florist Mod adds tons of flowers to decorate your building, village, tower, or mud hut with any flower you could desire. Of course, you can also choose to bring the spring vibe to your game with a seasonal texture pick, such as the Stay True resource pack with its lovely cherry blossom

Grow: Song of the Evertree

It won’t be surprising that a title like Grow: Song of the Evertree is perfect to immerse yourself in spring-time vibes. It’s all about creating and nurturing vibrant lives, communities, and ecosystems. This game blasts fauna, flora, and nature and has you serve the dual role as both the creator of new worlds and their chief explorer. 

Song of the Evertree combines the spring theme with alchemy and cosmos for a magical result

Song of the Evertree combines the spring theme with alchemy and cosmos for a magical result

Grow: Song of the Evertree starts you out in yet another wasteland. You are the protagonist who’s going to bring about this universe’s spring – by a combination of alchemy and exploration. This game features a more cosmic and fantasy approach to spring than many other games. However, its relaxing atmosphere and charm unmistakably appeal to the idea of spring. 


Flower is the closest game on this list to a pure replica of the feeling of spring. Although the sensation of spring is very subjective, its definition of flowers and blooming nature is the very definition of this video game experience. For those of you who aren’t experiencing spring outside yet, this PlayStation 3 original exists to quench your appetite.

Flower is a pure form of celebrating nature in gaming

Flower is a pure form of celebrating nature in gaming

Relaxing, calming, atmospherical – you’ve read them already throughout this guide. And yet, it’s hard to describe Flower using different terms. With control over the wind, you sweep up petals across large areas. With the petals you gather, you bring these areas to life. If this game isn’t the epitome of spring, I don’t know what is. 


Shroomchitect is a cute building game that lets you interact creatively with nature. A specific piece of nature, that is – mushrooms. It’s up to you to build the ideal mushroom for the adorably named Shroomies. These are the little forest spirits who inhabit these shrooms.

A mushroom is not so different from a house after all. Depends on who you ask

A mushroom is not so different from a house after all. Depends on who you ask

Simply said, this game is kind of similar to The Sims, but nature and mushroom-themed. It has a very carefree appearance – you can’t even go game-over. Nature can come alive all it wants, but Shroomchitect lets you influence how it comes to live in a very wholesome and cute way. 

Yoshi’s Story

Yoshi’s Story is another old classic and might at first not seem to have much to do with the spring theme. Still, this cutesy game, which was first released in 1998, fits well with the uplifting spring theme. You won’t need a Nintendo 64 to play this game- it’s available on the Nintendo 64 virtual console.

If you're looking for uplifting, Yoshi's Story has got you covered

If you’re looking for uplifting, Yoshi’s Story has got you covered

In this game, you can pick from a crew of 6 Yoshis to bring back happiness to their world. The reason for the world’s gloomy state is that Baby Bowser stole the Super Happy Tree (yes, it’s called that) and turned the world into a pop-up book. This game is all about restoring brightness, which ideally suits the theme of spring.

That’s all – my selection for the 10 best games to start your 2022 spring right! Did you play any of these to get into the season’s mood? Let me know!

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