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NBA 2K19 Official Soundtrack Wishlist

NBA 2k19 is only a couple of months away now and we are still waiting on news regarding the official soundtrack. Based on previous titles and my personal taste in music, these are 12 songs that I hope to find included in the final product.

NBA 2K19 Official Soundtrack


I'm pretty sure the official soundtrack list doesn't drop until July, and even more so I'm sure the vast majority of it is already been picked and rights to use have been paid. Nevertheless, I want to throw out my wishlist for songs that will be featured in the 20th NBA 2K game, releasing in September. Be sure to let me know what you think and also what you hope to find in the game.

1. Jay Rock – WIN

If this song doesnt have 2K main menu written all over I'm not sure what does. This song/video dropped this year yet I feel like it's been in several NBA games so far. It just feels fitting and obviously the lyrics to "win" is pretty energizing.

PnB Rock - Jealous (feat. Fetty Wap) [Official Music Video]
2. PnB Rock – Jealous (Ft. Fetty Wap)

The cool and chill arrogance of this song has kept it in my playlist while playing NBA 2K18 so it feels fitting for me to listen to it while playing 2K19 whether it makes it in the official soundtrack or I keep playing it myself.

Lonzo Ball - Kylie Kuzma (Kyle Kuzma Diss)
3. Lonzo Ball – Kylie Kuzman (Kyle Kuzma Diss)

This song is so raw, I don't care what you say. The Lakers (depending on how things go down with Free Agency) could be a title contender for the  2018-2019 season. If Lonzo can step up his play like he has his rhymes since that cringey freestyle on the living room couch then he might get some more auction value in MyTeam.

3.5 Lonzo Ball – BITF (Ft. LiAngelo Ball)

Ok, I would bet all my worldly posessions 2K would not put a teammate to teammate diss track in their official soundtrack, so here is Lonzo's legit try. Ball in the Family (never watched the vlog show or whatever it is) is a song featuring the family and it's best described as awesome trash or bad hype music. I don't know, me and my friends tried our best to categorize it, maybe you can help us in the comments.

Drake - I'm Upset (Official Audio)
4. Drake – I'm Upset

Can we pretend like the whole Drake and Pusha T thing didn't happen? It was dead even in my opinion with the Duppy and Story of Adidon. Pusha exposed a little more ( even though people have known for over a year Drake might be a father) but nobody let it play out to it's full potential. Two lyrically great artists on their level could have been the greatest beef of all-time but people wanted to hop on one side or the other so fast. Anyways, my point is this song may have been sweot under the rug due to the beef if the music video wasn't nostalgic for many. Plus this song is almost perfect for Lebron James.

Nicky Jam x J. Balvin - X (EQUIS) | Video Oficial | Prod. Afro Bros & Jeon
5. Nicky Jam x J. Balvin – X (EQUIS)

2K18 showed some latino love, so can we continue that? Nicky Jam and J. Balvin are killin the game right now. It's easy to go with Pit Bull, but this song here is awesome. It doesnt have anything really basketball related, but it's not soccer themed either. It's a good pop and dance song with a good change of pace in all aspects.

Jaden - GHOST ft. Christian Rich (Official Video)
6. Jaden Smith – Ghost (ft. Christian Rich)

I've always thought Jaden went on a weirdo trail, especially when you compare him to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but this song and music video is crazy. It has that cool and chill arrogance that I like and what seems fitting somewhere on the 2K soundtracks.

Post Malone - rockstar ft. 21 Savage (Official Audio)
7. Post Malone – rockstar (ft. 21 Savage)

Almost released in time for 2K18, Rockstar feels like something that would have made the soundtrack. It's a bit old now, but I have even older songs I hope can make the list. Plus, it's not as vulgar as some other songs on the list so should be easy to edit like 2K loves to do; have to keep that "E for everyone" rating.

Bow Wow, Fabolous, Fundisha, Jermaine Dupri - Basketball (Official Music Video)
8. Bow Wow – Basketball (ft. J. dupri and fabulous)

Let's go back to the Like Mike days; when everyone thought by tying your shoes and saying "make me like Mike" real quietly would make you a god on the court. This song is so cool in a childhood nostalgia kind of way. We could go back even further to the Kurtis Blow version but that has already been used. I dont believe Bow Wow's version has ever been used in a 2K game.

9. J. Cole – ATM

I like J. Cole, and although I think a song like A Tale of 2 Citiez would be more badass to listen to, ATM seems more fitting to the 2K games. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I actually found it rather annoying of a song after the second or so listen, but I usually get so burnt out with the 2K soundtracks that I turn down the menu music volume all the way down after a couple months and play my own music while I ball. I'm putting it here because it sound annoyingly perfect for the routine.

anders - Diamonds (Official Video)
10. Anders – Diamonds

Showing more love to Canadian artists, Anders is a really dope young artist from Toronto. His Diamonds song is probably his best and obviously my favorite. If you've never heard of this song, you should give it a listen. I hope he puts out more music in similar fashion.

Joyner Lucas - Winter Blues (508)-507-2209
11. Joyner Lucas – Winter Blues

Joyner has been delivering nothing but straight hits every time he uploads. Whether he remixing and destroying originals, or dropping fresh work, it is always trustworthy to listen to. It was hard for me to decide between this song and Stranger Things with Chris Brown, but either one would be nice. I feel Winter Blues just has that New York vibe 2K usually includes.

Marshmello & Logic - EVERYDAY (Audio)
12. Marshmello & Logic – Everyday

I didn't want to link in the official video because it is over 10 minutes for no reason. Logic is cool and Marshmello is great, so no surprise this song was a hit. It's a little more into the Pop genre which adds diversity to soundtrack. The song is basically about taking the day and making the most of it. I dare you to tell me this doesn't sound like a song you'd love to hate after several months hearing play as the main menu for 2K loads up. It's probably the song on my wishlist that I truly expect to make it in the official game, but of course a clean version.

Let me know if you agree with these songs or if there is something else you hope/expect to make it into the game!


  1. flipmode by fabolous great basketball song

  2. I like these songs. I would like a little bit more Drake thought, but otherwise GREAT job!!!


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