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Marooners Giveaway

Win a wild mix of fun party games. Can you handle the switcheroo chaos? Join your friends both on the couch and online while sadistically laughing at their misfortune, or come back to haunt them if you die.

Marooners Giveaway

 YOU CAN WIN 1 OUT OF 10 KEYS for the game!

Experience switcheroo chaos as the action jumps between multiple intense mini-games when you least expect it, or take the challenge of completing a full play through of each mini-game once. Face different game types and surprise bonus stages in Marooners.

Marooners throws you into a chaotic mix of minigames. You’ll be switching back and forth between exotic locations, all the while grabbing as much treasure as you can. Just try not to get drowned, burned, squashed, blown up, or worse… 

Released last year on Steam, the game just got a free expansion and has Mostly Positive rating. You can buy this mix of party games to support its developers in case you don't win. Watch the expansion trailer below:

Marooners strikes back! Free expansion launch trailer

Marooners Giveaway

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