Is Sonic Mania too Late to Please Fans?

Sonic Mania is a game along with Sonic 2017, in celebration of Sonics 25th Anniversary. It will be in the style of Sonic One, Two and Three, with 2D gameplay. The music is remixed form the old games along with some new tracks to fit the new levels. The game will also include older levels from previous installments in the series and the ability to play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. It will release near the start of 2017.

So, Sonic Mania Has Been Announced, What Now?

Sonic Mania has been announced with the coming of Sonic the Hedgehogs 25th anniversary. But is it too late for Sega to please fans after recent installments of the sonic franchise?

Sonic Mania is a homage to the original three Sonic games, it boasts stages that feel classic to the franchise and is a far cry from any of the recent Sonic abominations that have been delivered to us. With Sonics situation as a dying franchise as of late, is Mania enough for fans to forgive past trauma?

Let's Talk About Some Of Mans Finest Atrocities 

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite Sonic game: Sonic 06. This little gem was an insult to both fans and the masses alike. Not only was it devoid of what people wanted and expected from the new generation of console, it was also devoid of what made Sonic, well Sonic. The sheer glitch fest alone made critics recoil into their seats, as this was supposed to be a leap forward for console gaming and the blue blur himself. Some would argue that Sonic Adventure was the downfall of The Sonic franchise, but that’s another topic for another day. Sonic 06 has always had a close place in my heart, just for the sheer fact it was the first 360 game I ever played, but even I can’t deny that it’s no doubt an abomination and a stain on the games industry.

Promotional Art for the release of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

The pinnacle of mediocrity

After Sonic 06 came Sonic Unleashed. This game had a mixed reception, had it not been for the previous game it most likely would have been viewed more highly. However a miracle was needed to show people Sonic had not fallen from its tower, and Sonic Unleashed just wasn’t it. With many people praising it for its day stages it definitely had potential, but it was over saturated by ‘Werehog’ stages which had a lackluster hack and slash combat system and repetitive puzzle gameplay. This new concept only made fans more cynical, as it made Sega unpredictable and incapable of gaining trust. However things were looking up for Sega when they announced Sonic Generations.

An image of Sonic transforming in Sonic Unleashed

Were Things Looking Up for the Franchise?

Sonic Generations is where the franchises stance is unclear. The game was brilliant, despite its re-use of stages and shortness it was loved by Sonic fans. This paid homage to old Sonic games whilst also making good use of 3D stages to wet people’s appetite for something new. With a blend of old and new the developers definitely put love into this game, that’s for sure, it was the next game in the franchise that really messed things up…

A picture from the steamcommunity of Sonic and Shadow from Sonic Generations

We've had the Good and the Bad, here's the Ugly

Ah Sonic Boom. I think it’s safe to say from the people of earth that, you disgust me. Not only do you represent everything wrong with the modern games industry, but you also manage to be a terrible game. Sonic boom excited people in many ways, it boasted a change in character models, a new combat system and a story driven style, or so we thought. In the end it was like Sonic 06 laid an egg, and within that egg were the glitches, the overzealous and contrived plot and even more unnecessary humor that not even a child would laugh at. And on November 11th 2014… That egg hatched. It showed us its rushed nature and that all the devs really cared about was cashing in on a dying franchise. It showed us a game, worse than Sonic 06.

An image from the trailer for the Sonic Boom cartoon. Sonic is saving a cat for some reason???

In Conclusion

So can we really trust Sonic Mania? Or will cynicism weigh it down so heavily that it fails? I personally think this is a gateway to what could be something beautiful. But there’s only one way to find out. Go and watch the Sonic Mania Teaser and tell us what you think.

Sonic Mania - Teaser Trailer | PS4

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