Interview with developers of Torek

Interview with developers of Torek - Hero of The Painted World, the indie studio Imagine Dream Game. Where the idea of the game came from, what is the all behind, description of the Torek's and Painter's world. And some short introduction of the Game Imagine studio

We are glad we can present you a short interview with Bohdan from Imagine Dream Game about their new game Torek, which is still in development. So first we can talk about what is waiting for you to explore.

And don't worry, we will be the first one to show you the alpha pre-release versions on our YouTube channel.

Well, let's start with the interview.


1) How many graphic designers, animators work on this game? We must say characters, scenes, they all look very nice.

Our team consists of two designers, two programmers, a tester and a story writer. Each of these professionals of their domain, especially the tester, is making effort so that the game looks perfect 🙂

2) As presented, there will be over 100 characters during the play. How many of them will be “human” and how many “inhuman”? Could you tell us some character you had fun to create and are you glad you have it in the game?

About 70% by 30% in favor of “inhuman” characters, taking into account numerous enemies of Torek living in The Painted World. We love all our characters with passion and, of course, each team member has their own favorites.  E.g. one programmer likes Angry Ivy, the story writer – Severe Yeti, etc. 

Torek - Yeti

Torek - Angry Ivy

3) There will be 50 scenes present, can you uncover some of them? 10 levels means 10 different locations with 5 scenes with common graphics?

Yes, you are quite right, 10 levels are 10 different parts of The Painted World, through which Torek travels in chase of Darcus. Each level is divided into 5 scenes connected by the plot, with its own inhabitants and quests. Our hero will visit the cold land of Yeties, secret Underground world, mysterious region of Indians, will try to learn enigmas of being in the country similar to the Ancient China, etc. 

Torek - Winter scene

Torek - Summer scene

4) The game looks cute, or in fact, we don’t know much about, is it really so cute? Or are there some fights with blood on the floor 😉 

There is no blood! We have decided to develop a “kind” game deliberately, where there are no cut heads and blood battles. The most lethal weapon here will be the eraser in the Painter’s hand. 

5) What leads to another question: Is the game suitable also for children? How about the logic puzzles – expected to be easy solved? Will they be able to solve them? Or what age can you recommend as a minimal?

We are trying to make the game, which will be equally interesting both for children and adults. 

Puzzles and logical tasks will be present almost in each scene. Their complexity will be increased from level to level. However, we did our best so that the riddles are justified logically. We want a person to get enjoyment from their own intellect, step by step, by solving our quests.  

At the same time, the game is not a children’s trainer that’s why we’d set the minimum age of 7-8 years which allows taking up Torek’s adventures.   

6) As for the expected humor, how much is much? Will there be a lot of jokes, one for each screen at least? 

Jokes, amusing stories and funny situations will be present almost in each scene. Some characters can tell some funny story, some ridiculous thing can happen to Torek, or it is him who will make a joke about one or another inhabitant of the Painted World.  

7) As was presented on your website, the Painter will change the scene during the play. Does this mean the background for some screen will be changed during the Torek’s movement within the scene or these will be the static scenes?

Let’s say like this – the Painter can do anything. But he is poisoned that’s why depending on his state, he can draw a stronger enemy for Torek or, on the contrary, he can help during travelling by erasing an obstacle. The Painter even can take Torek and put into some other place 🙂

Torek - Painter

8) There are a lot of stories behind the main story, where did they come from? Will Torek meet characters of these stories in his own story?

Both yes and no. Some characters will exist in the Painted World inhabitants’ stories only, and Torek will have to face some of them personally. Besides, they will be both kind and evil characters. But of course all these stories are connected, it's one magic world.  

Torek - Indian Elk

9) In fact, who is the story writer? Where came the inspiration for the game story from?

Everything’s simple here – Torek inspires all our team, and our story writer is a cool guy 🙂

Our story writer is an experienced game reviewer who has written hundreds of game reviews. It is him who sends Torek either to Indians to repair the totem pole and help the shaman to brew a magic potion or to the land of Yetis in order to fight against icy golems and make a snowman.

10) What about the music? What will be as a background? And what about the speech? All in English or some sentences in “ancient language”?

There won’t be “ancient language” for sure. All in English only for now (later we will add more languages). The music will be harmonious, there’ll be its own melody for each level.

11) Do you plan to release the game in future also for other platforms?

We’re planning but so far PC is the first priority. Actually game will work in standard desktop browser (like Google Chrome). So, you can play our game on any platform which support browser and mouse 🙂 

12) Release date is still Q4 2016?

So far yes, but there can be some amendments of deadlines depending on the crowdfunding campaign outcomes on Indiegogo.

13) If you want to tell something to future players of Torek, feel free and let them know:

Join us! Help Torek to catch Darcus and save the Painter! Follow us 🙂

Thank you Bohdan for this interview.


More about the studio you can find here on our website.

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