Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential

The latest entry in the incredible fighting game franchise, Injustice 2 has a lot of fantastic additions to the roster as well as returning veterans. While it's way too early to discuss a tier list, which characters are catching players' eyes early on, and who will get left behind? Here's our thoughts.

Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential
One of, if not the biggest fighting game of the year, Injustice 2 has recently released to critical acclaim. I myself am having a blast with the game with both its online and offline offerings. I've already poured tons of hours into the game and have both kicked ass as well as had my ass kicked by mostly the whole cast. It is WAY too early to determine tier positions, but I would like to discuss the characters that I feel have potential to be great, as well as characters that I have little confidence in. 

Keep in mind that this is only my opinion. I will draw from both my own experiences as well as general community beliefs about the characters. We'll be going over 5 characters that I believe have the best potential and 5 that have the worst potential. Without further ado, let's talk about the heavy hitters.

most potential


Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Supergirl
Many people in the Injustice 2 community believe that, at the moment, zoning is the way to win. Some even think that zoning characters are a bit OP at the moment. However, there are some characters that can work around these zoning characters. One of them: Supergirl. Her Scorpion-like teleport is one of the most useful tools in the game; it doesn't need a meter burn to be useful. Injustice 2 tries to give close-up characters a chance to get in close with meter burn rolls, but at the moment you don't get a lot of meter from blocking these zoning attacks. But Supergirl has tools to get around this issue.

That's not even to mention her great combo potential and her extremely good character trait. Her laser eyes come out extremely quick and can do a ton of damage if you use the walking version. I wouldn't be surprised if Supergirl becomes a common counter-pick against some of the more zoning-heavy characters.If some of the spamming Deadshots or Dr. Fates are getting you down, maybe think about picking up Supergirl.

Dr. Fate

Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Dr. Fate
Speaking of Dr. Fate, he also left a good impression on me. I use Dr. Fate quite a bit and I gotta say he's the second best zoner in Injustice 2. He's mostly about playing mind games with your opponent with his two main projectiles: a fast laser that comes out of his fingers and a larger orb that can slowly move across the screen. The larger orb can actually be stopped wherever you want it to if you meter burn it, making it a very clever trap or apply pressure when you need it. That companied with this faster projectile makes him deadly from a distance.

That's not to say Dr. Fate doesn't have a combo game though. Granted it is more limited than the rest of the cast, but if you got two-to-three meters Dr. Fate can perform a pretty hard hitting combo or two. But you can tell right away that he's meant to be fighting at a distance due to his many projectiles and how a lot of combos and special moves push Fate away from his opponent. All this coupled with his healing ability and pretty useful character ability make Dr. Fate a scary foe. Keep an eye out for him.

Black Adam 

Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Black Adam

The only veteran fighter to make my Best Potential list, Black Adam is just as scary if not more than the original Injustice version of him. His moves are extremely tricky to pin down. While a lot of them are similar if not the exact same as they were in the original Injustice, they seem to come out faster than before. Black Adam's combo game is also extremely solid. The pressure that Black Adam can apply from any distance makes him an early game threat to everybody.

I wouldn't be surprised if we saw quite a bit of Black Adam players in future tournaments. Unlike Dr. Fate and Deadshot, he has a good closeup game as well as a good zoning game. While he doesn't really excel in these two play-styles, he is balanced enough in these two areas to make him a genuinely tough character to handle in matches.

Captain Cold

Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Captain Cold
Captain Cold is actually one of the more technical characters in Injustice 2. He has both a solid zoning and up-close style to him. His character ability allows him to utilize three unique and useful moves that can turn the tides of any match when used properly. If the player is good at making reads, Captain Cold has multiple moves that can capitalize that those reads. I could see some pretty hype hard reads being made by Captain Cold players further down the line in tournament.

Captain Cold isn't the toughest or most used character at the moment, but I think he has room to grow even more. Sonicfox uses the character a bit and shows off exactly what he's capable of when put into the right hands. Let's hope that the pros show us all the true potential of this awesome character.


Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Deadshot 

Okay okay, let's put aside the fact that Deadshot is pretty much the Injustice 2 version of Deathstroke from the first game at this time. Yes, a lot of people that use him are spam happy noobs. And of course, he can get absolutely bodied by characters like Supergirl. However, I still think that Deadshot has potential to be a legit threat in the Injustice 2 meta. All you need to do is watch some of Sonicfox's Deadshot gameplay to see just some of his potential. His projectiles are extremely varied and can zone out a lot of the cast. If the player is good at reading his opponent and keeping pressure at a distance, Deadshot can be absolutely lethal.

Now while I do think Deadshot has a lot of potential, I do strongly think that he will not be the best character in the game. At best, I believe he can be the best zoning character above Dr. Fate. Only the future will tell whether or not Deadshot is a real threat, or if he'll be dropped after players discover how their mains can get past Deadshot's wall of bullets.

Before I get to the characters I believe have the worst potential, I wanna briefly mention some characters that I still think have potential, but not as much as the ones mentioned above. The pre-order exclusive character, Darkseidis gaining a lot of attention. His lasers are definitely hard to read and his health is ridiculous. However, I think once players start recognizing the lasers better Darkseid won't be as big of a problem. I've also been hearing some buzz about Poison Ivy and the playable version of Brainiac, but not enough to garner the attention that the characters above have gotten.

Now that we've covered the best, let's cover the worst.

least Potential 


Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Scarecrow
Ah, Scarecrow. Honestly, he's one of my favorite additions to the Injustice roster. But unfortunately, I feel that he doesn't have much room to grow. I will say that Scarecrow has some good spacing tools and a decent enough combo game, but his lack of speed and absolutely dreadful super timing make him feel very lackluster. His character ability is shaky too as getting caught up in one combo or clash will cause you to lose all of the progress you've been making in building that meter; not to mention that the really great move you obtain from gaining more of that meter makes you super way easier to combo into and land.

Of all the characters on my worst potential list, I think Scarecrow could end up surprising me the most. I will be very interested to see how the character performs in some bigger tournaments, but for now, I do not see Scarecrow being high up in the eventual tier list.


Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Cheetah
I've seen a lot of people claim that Cheetah is the worst character in Injustice 2. While we certainly need much more time to tell, at the moment it's hard to disagree. Granted, I've seen some pretty badass combos with her. But she lacks a good way to approach her opponents. Injustice 2 is a very projectile and zoning heavy game at the moment. Characters like Cheetah who are meant to be in the face of their opponents are having a really difficult time against characters like Deadshot and Dr. Fate because of this; not even the meter burn roll seems to be helping.

I will say that Cheetah is very fast and packs a decent punch. But if she doesn't get some new and/or buffed tools, she will be left behind by most players pretty quickly.


Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Bane
Did anyone ask for Bane to come back? He was considered to be somewhat decent in the original Injustice game, but I thought for sure the character would get cut since The Dark Knight Rises (2012) hype has gone down. Regardless, the Bane we get here in Injustice 2, while having an admittedly more badass design, is extremely lacking. The only thing he really has going for him is that, with the proper Venom usage, he can hit the hardest in the game. However, his moves are extremely predictable and easy to dodge and block. He also has no zoning game whatsoever. Bane can attempt to close the gap by charging, but and character who has a multi-hitting projectile (Dr. Fate, Deadshot, etc.) can stop this from happening.

Similar to Scarecrow, Bane could rise up in potential if Netherrealm nerfs how useful zoning is in Injustice 2. However, even with a zoning nerf, I feel that Bane does not have as much room to grow as other characters in the game do.

Wonder Woman

Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Wonder Woman
For an Amazonian war god, Wonder Woman is looking pretty weak in the early days of Injustice 2. That's a real shame as she was considered to be pretty good in the original game, leaving Wonder Woman players in the need to find a new main. Her move-set is pretty similar to the one she had in the original Injustice, with a few tweaks and moves here and there. Unfortunately, her moves come out somewhat slow and combos that should be pretty basic can be difficult to pull off.

A lot of Wonder Woman's problems can be fixed with patches and buffs, but we'll have to see how the character performs in more tournaments before we can definitively say if she's garbage or not. But if early signs mean anything, it'll be a rough road ahead for Wonder Woman and those that main her.

Gorilla Grodd

Injustice 2 Characters With The Most and Least Potential. Gorilla Grodd
Before anyone comments "GORILLA GRODD ISN'T BAD HE'S GOT AN INFINITE" let me just say: yes I know he has that, but what else does he have? The answer: not much. We have to keep in mind that in the modern age of gaming, developers patch out bugs and glitches after their game has released. This infinite is most likely not here to stay folks. Grodd could get some buffs in the future, but he remains now as one of the weaker characters in the cast. Sure he's strong and has a decent enough combo game, but his slow speed and lack of projectiles make him pretty weak when compared to a lot of the other characters in the game.

Now for some dishonorable mentions. I've seen people saying that Atrocitus is both really good and really bad. Unfortunately, I lean more towards the bad camp, but not enough to say that he doesn't have potential. I've also seen some complaints about Black Canary and Blue Beetle circulating, but I honestly do no have enough knowledge on those two characters to form a strong opinion myself.

That's our lists of the characters in Injustice 2 with the most and least potential. Which characters do you guys think can make it big in tournaments? Let us know in the comments below.

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