Huge 1C Giveaway! Win a key for Deep Sky Derelicts!

Great giveaway awaits you! Thanks to 1C we are giving away a total of 130 game keys! You can win many cool games, including the company's recently released on consoles Blackhole and upcoming Deep Sky Derelicts! Don't waste your chance!
Huge 1C Giveaway! Win a key for Deep Sky Derelicts!

6 games and a total of 130 keys await you in our huge 1c GIVEAWAY!

What's on the menu? A lot of precious indie games! They range from award-winning hardcore platformer recently released on consoles, Blackhole, to sci-fi turn-based strategy, like Codex of Victory. Fans of story-driven puzzle platformers can win a copy of gorgeous Renoir game. If you are up to something unexpected, funny, and a bit of platforming, Shiny is the game for you. Lastly, players looking for Tower Defense games can try Infinium Strike.

For fans of turn-based RPGs, enriched with rougelike elements, we have prepared keys for Deep Sky Derelicts! The game releases on Steam Early Access this November, and you can win a key in our giveaway!

Do not forget that all these games can be purchased even cheaper at 1CShop!

If you cannot use the form below, try it at this page

Huge 1C Giveaway

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