Zombie Cure Lab – 5 Steam Keys Giveaway

Manage your resources and help your scientists heal the zombies of the world and revert their condition, to some extent, and use them to continue to improve and streamline your process.

Use Your Scientists to Cure Mankind One Zombie at a Time!

Zombie Cure Lab is a sandbox lab builder where you’ll lead a team of scientists in curing – not killing! – the mindless zombies attacking your base. Cured zombies will help your scientists with expanding your facilities, gathering resources and researching new technologies.

With the help of Noovola and Therabytes, KeenGamer brings you a chance to win one of the 5 Steam Giveaway Keys for Zombie Cure Lab. You can accumulate entries by following the steps below until December 21st.

Extinction Eclipse – 5 Steam Keys

Brain munching zombies rule the world. After years of research brave scientists have finally found an antidote that reverses the zombification progress, creating zombie-human hybrids. Find the final cure for humanity and build the perfect zombie curing facility.


  • Research and unlock more than 200 technologies
  • Plan and improve your lab layout
  • Build up and sustain a complex lab economy
  • Electrify your lab and regret every blackout
  • Manage four different worker types with day and night shifts

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