Synth Riders – 20 Steam VR Keys Giveaway

Get your groove on with Synth Riders! Notes fly and beats pulse in this cyberpunk VR rhythm game. Synthwave music has taken over the world and it's up to jam.
Synth Riders - 20 Steam VR Keys Giveaway

Synth Riders – 20 Steam VR Keys Giveaway

Explore a neon-colored world!

Synth Riders is a rhythm game that takes you on a journey into a stunning cyberpunk world with beautiful stages and music from top Synthwave artist from around the world.

Your goal is to hit different colored notes that fly towards you according to the beat with the corresponding orb in your hand while dodging obstacles. Some notes come on their own, others in long lines, some need to be hit with one specific orb, others with both orbs simultaneously. This all creates a great dance-like feeling from the rhythm of the songs and is a great workout.

We’re giving away 20 Steam VR Keys.

Synth Riders – 20 Steam VR Keys Giveaway

You can buy and play Synth Riders on Steam, but don’t miss your chance to win a key in our giveaway for free! 

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