Spuds Unearthed – 20 Steam VR Keys Giveaway

Strategize and take action on the VR adventure of Spuds Unearthed. Win one of the 20 Giveaway keys that Gamedust and KeenGamer bring for you. Best of Luck!

Spuds Unearthed - 20 Steam VR Keys Giveaway

Conquer Your Way Through the Galaxy!

Spuds Unearthed is a blend of real-time strategy gaming with action to spare. Enjoy this polished experience that has been specifically designed for VR. Planning and strategizing will be key to your success.

With the help of Gamedust, we are giving away Steam Keys to 20 lucky winners that will be drawn at random.

You can also get a key of Spuds Unearthed on Steam if it piqued your interest but didn’t happen to win the Giveaway.

Spuds Unearthed – 20 Steam Keys



  1. Command and upgrade your squad of Spuds!
  2. Build thousands of units and vehicles and send them to battle!
  3. Mix and match elements to make unique turrets and operate them in battle!
  4. Conquer planets, systems and dominate the galaxy!

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