Remorse: The List North American Giveaway – 10 PS5 Keys

A mysterious list, a small Hungarian town, and unimaginable horror. Uncover the secrets of Hidegpuszta in this classic survival horror, Remorse: The List. What secrets lurk in the sleepy, little Hungarian town? That’s for you to find out!

Remorse: The List North American Giveaway - 10 PS5 Keys

Remorse: The List is a classic survival horror game where the player must figure out what is happening in the little hungarian town of Hidegpuszta, and your only clue is a list that doesn’t make much sense. Exploring will be the key to unveiling its secrets and get out of there alive.

Explore a large and expansive world filled with unimaginable horrors as you defend yourself with scarce options available. Manage your resources carefully with the limited size of your inventory and take advantage of every thing at your disposal to survive.

Note: You will need an NA PSN account to activate the key if you win.

Remorse: The List – 10 PS5 Keys Giveaway


  • Large inconnected parts of a small, suburban hungarian town with creepy streets, parks and old, abandoned buildings.
  • Open gameplay where you decide the order in which you unfold the secrets of the list.
  • Inventory management with single and double slot items of many types like weapons, first aid kits, ammo and puzzle items.
  • Combat variety with fire and melee weapons.
  • In-depth story which expands upon itself with video tapes and voice recordings amongst others.

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