Project F4E – 200 Steam Keys Giveaway

Experience the unique blend of of MMO, ARPG, MOBA and Rogue-lite like you've never seen before in Project F4E. Win one of the 200 prologue keys that BetaDwarf and KeenGamer bring for you. Best of luck!

Project F4E - 200 Steam Keys Giveaway

Play the pre-launch prologue seasons ahead of the release!

Project F4E is the temporary name of an upcoming game that aims to mix  MMO, ARPG, MOBA, and Rogue-lite in a unique way to bring a new PVE and PVP experience that should be familiar to gamers of all these different genres. 

With the help of BetaDwarf, we are giving away Steam Keys to 200 lucky winners that will be drawn at random.

Project F4E – 200 Steam Keys

Currently, Project F4E is currently playable on “seasons”, which is a set period of time that works as a playtest of sorts. The next season will start on August 11th. Check out the release calendar for more details.


  1.  A massive and wonderful pre-launch campaign that includes a lot of Pre-Launch Seasons.
  2. In each Season you can earn Prologue Points by completing the specific Prologue Quests that each season will have.
  3. If you earn enough Prologue Points you’ll be rewarded with Exclusive Gifts that cannot be earned after launch, you can even earn the game (yep!).

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