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Pangeon – 20 Steam Keys Giveaway

Suicide missions, pixelated dungeons, and more in our new Pangeon giveaway. We're giving away 20 Steam keys. More details in the article below.

Pangeon Giveaway Cover

Dive right into a dungeon! 

Pangeon is a single-player roguelike inspired by dungeon crawler classics. Fight your way through to the bottom of the so-called Pangeon – an organization located in a dungeon that we know very little about (well, except the fact it contains something that has the potential to destroy the entire planet Earth) – eliminate the evil, and save the World from a potential tragedy.

We’re giving away 20 keys for Steam.

Pangeon – 20 Steam Keys Giveaway

Participate in our Pangeon giveaway and make sure to check the game on the Steam store. In case you won’t win a key, you can support the developers by buying the game.


  • A mix of many roguelike games combined into a fun (although short) experience
  • +8 levels, various in looks, enemies and loot
  • +10 weapons to use – ranging from daggers, swords and ending on magic staffs, bows, etc.
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