Mythgard – 10 Steam Keys Giveaway

Call on powerful creatures and place game-changing enchantments to prove your worth to the gods! Thanks to Neon Bedlam, we're giving away 10 "Rings of Immortality" Steam keys for Mythgard. More details below.

Mythgard Steam Keys Giveaway Cover

Welcome to a Dark Fantasy CCG

Mythgard is set in a modern world where mythical creatures and gods roam among mere mortals. A world where winged beasts battle commercial jets for dominance of the skies and magic rivals the everyday use of technology. Harnessing these powers and utilizing the unique mechanics of Mythgard is the only way to prove your worth and claim your mark among the legends of Mythgard.

We’re giving away 10 “Ring of Immortality” keys for Steam.

Mythgard – 10 “Ring of Immortality” Steam Keys

What are these Ring of Immortality keys? What do they offer? You get 25 packs, 1000 Mythril, 2 paths, and 2 powers. This is worth over $40 of in-game items!

Rings of Immortality Official Trailer - Mythgard

Check out the game on Steam.  In case you don’t win a key in our giveaway, don’t worry. The game itself is free-to-play. And you can always support the Mythgard developers by buying an in-game item or two.


  • Casual and Ranked matches
  • PvE and PvP draft
  • Story campaign
  • In-game tournament client
  • Featured decks – play competitive decks on ladder even if you don’t own the cards
  • Spectate mode
  • 100 match replay system
  • Cross-play between PC, iOS, and Android

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