HyperBrawl Tournament – 500 Steam Demo Keys Giveaway

The fabled HyperForce runs through your very DNA, channel it to launch game-changing attacks that can literally see your enemies shot out of the arena with its devastating power! Thanks to Plan of Attack, we're giving away 500 Steam Demo keys for HyperBrawl Tournament. Please pay attention that Steam Demo is a limited-time event. More details below.

Hyper Brawl Tournament Giveaway Cover

Smash, brawl, and score your way to victory!

HyperBrawl Tournament offers relentless, high-adrenaline PvP arena battles for 1-4 players. Master the HyperCurve and channel the HyperForce to become the greatest hero in the universe.

We’re giving away 500 keys for Steam Demo. The Steam Demo starts on October 1 and ends on October 4.

The universe’s greatest heroes have gathered to compete in a showdown for the ages; the legendary HyperBrawl Tournament! Armed with unique weapons and a thirst for glory, take to battle-tested arenas in this 1-4 player arcade-style sport played locally or online. HyperBrawl Tournament – 500 Steam Demo Keys Giveaway Check out the game on Steam. In case you don’t win a key in a giveaway, don’t worry. The Demo is a limited-time event, and the game releases soon. Which is when you can support the developers and score yourself a copy. Apart from Steam, HyperBrawl Tournament is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


  • End-to-end 1-4 player sports brawl action – jump into local or online matches with friends, family or foes from around the world in quick-fire 90 second rounds.
  • Master the myth of the ‘HyperCurve’ to direct the ball mid-flight and score insane goals.
  • Channel the game-changing HyperForce when you most need it to brutally hurl opponents out of the arena.
  • Match your play style with 12 of the universe’s greatest heroes each with distinct skills and attributes across three classes; ‘Swift’, ‘Core’ and ’Tank’.
  • Master the HyperBrawl in 12 varied arenas spread across the universe each loaded up with dynamic obstacles, from portals and risers to moving floors that make each match even more unpredictable.
  • Equip your hero with one of 8 game changing weapons! Wield the earth-shattering Hammer, bring your opponents closer with the Grapple Gun, or rain hell from above with the Boost Bomber!
  • HyperBrawl Tournament has 7 Game Modes including:
    • ARCADE – Jump into instant local multiplayer or single player matches for 1-4 players, earn XP and level up.
    • CAMPAIGN – Challenge for glory in the single-player campaign mode. Conquer the Galaxy League and the Cosmic Cup to become the greatest team in the universe.
    • BLITZ – Compete online with players across the world for the ultimate accolade – ‘The HyperBrawl Champion!’ The longer the win streak, the greater the rewards from cups to Artifacts.
    • PRIVATE MATCH – Create or join a match online to prove yourself amongst your friends and reign over them with your superior HyperBrawl skills.
  • Customise your hero with unique hero and weapon skins, goal blazes and ball trails.
  • Play to your strengths with three difficulty levels, Novice, Pro and Elite
  • As fun to watch as it is to play, HyperBrawl Tournament is the perfect, super competitive, PvP party game.

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