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Help Me Doctor – 20 Nintendo Switch Keys Giveaway

Decide what kind of doctor you want to become in our new Help Me Doctor giveaway. We're giving away 20 keys in total, 10 for EU and 10 for NA regions. Check the article below for more details.

Help Me Doctor Cover

Become a doctor! 

Help to diagnose patients. Be careful with the documentation, signatures etc. Decide what your ethics will be. What will you do, when a patient comes and say: Help me, doctor!

We’re giving away 20 keys for Switch, 10 for the North-American region and 10 for the European region.

Help Me Doctor – 20 Switch Keys Giveaway

Participate in our Evil Bank Manager giveaway and make sure to check the game on the official Nintendo Switch shop. In case you won’t win a key, you can support the developers by buying the game.


  • Multiple patients
  • Random diseases
  • Moral choices
  • Scripted events

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