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Forsake: Urban Horror $200 USD Giveaway – 20 Steam Keys

Win one of the 20 Steam Keys we are giving away for Forsake: Urban Horror! With the help of Unseen Interactive, grab up to 3 friends yo join you into the Fray and survive as a team or die alone. Alternatively, you can also try solo runs, if you have the guts.

Forsake: Urban Horror $200 USD Giveaway - 20 Steam Keys

Explore, Loot and Complete Missions!

You are the prey, and you have two ways to complete your exploration without being killed: Be stealthy and explore places where entities wander without being detected or survive, using your equipment and flashing lightsticks. Survive on your own or rely on your teammates on this co-op horror game by Urbex.

If you are in the market for a new horror co-op, Forsake: Urban Horror, might be the scratch for your itch. As our own review puts it: 

Forsake is a solid new entry within the ghost-hunting genre. Unseen Interactive manages to capture and expand upon what makes the genre great. The stages are well-made, and the Entities in this game are solid, all having their unique behavior. (…) overall Forsake is a fun ride that many players, both veterans and newcomers alike, can enjoy.

Forsake: Urban Horror $200 USD Giveaway – 20 Steam Keys


  1. Intense survival experience
  2. Great replayability
  3. Entities with unique behaviors
  4. Your equipment, your perks, your gameplay
  5. Missions and exploration
  6. Proximity voice chat for total immersion

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