Extinction Eclipse – 6 Steam Keys Giveaway

Lead humanity into exploring and exploiting space in order to grow your fleet and find stability in this starcraft-inspired action strategy game. Fight against the odds and the elements and prove yourself as a fleet commander.

Explore space, gather resources, build up your fleet and stop the planet from freezing in this Starcraft inspired RTS!

Extinction Eclipse is a space-action-strategy game where you take command of the human forces in their attempt to find resources and start a fleet. Setting off with limited units and resources, you’ll manage them in order to succeed. 

With the help of TuanisApps, KeenGamer brings you 6 Steam keys for the recently released strategy game Extinction Eclipse. You can accumulate entries all the way until December 7th.

Extinction Eclipse – 6 Steam Keys

A grid of gigantic hexagon-shaped objects was being build on Lagrange L1 by an unknown alien intelligence. They were hostile to the space probes we sent to explore. Humanity has only one path: build a fleet of combat spaceships, destroy the grid, and the aliens building it!


  • Resource mining and management: Use miner ships to mine water and metal asteroids. Miners will bring the resources to the closest Space Station or resource deposits. Use them to build your ships, bases and for upgrades.
  • Base Building: Expand your territory by building space stations, communication satellites, research centers and resource deposits.
  • Defend your base: strategically place defense towers around your bases and precious resources. They will activate automatically and attack enemies that get too close.
  • Resupply mission: if you are running low on ships and resources, you will have access to a procedurally generated mission with asteroids and just a few enemies.
  • Upgrade store: trade accumulated metals and water for upgrades for your fleet. Your ships can be faster, stronger and sturdier!

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