DeLight: The Journey Home – 5 Steam Keys Giveaway

Reunite with your parents in a world gone hostile! Thanks to VicariousPR, we're giving away 5 Steam keys for DeLight: The Journey Home. More details below; reliable canine companion included.

Delight: The Journey Home - 5 Steam Keys Giveaway Cover

Find Your Home in an Unkind World!

DeLight is an episodic storytelling game that puts you in the shoes of a wartime civilian. Play as Sammy, a little girl who is determined to reunite with her parents despite of her blindness. With the world becoming unkind, keeping her going is her unlikely companion: a stray dog named Deli, her only delight left in this world.

We’re giving away 5 Steam keys for Chapter 2. Winners will have to download Chapter 1 for free on Steam before being able to redeem their codes.

DeLight: The Journey Home – 5 Steam Keys

You can still purchase Chapter 2 on Steam in case you don’t win and wish to support the developers.


  • Explore the world through the lens of a blind girl as she travels across the war-ridden city, using her imagination to paint a picture of the environment she is in.
  • Make difficult choices, these choices will affect the story of the game. You will determine the fate of Sammy and the lives she crossed path with.
  • Companion dog that assists you throughout the journey. Sneak past soldiers, track paths, and most important of all – gives player emotional support.
  • A war story that focuses on the lives of the civilians. Live among other civilians from all walk of lives going through the same hardship.

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