DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure – 30 Steam Keys Giveaway

Race to the end of each of the platforming stages in DARK MINUTE: Kira's Adventure! Win one of the 30 Giveaway keys that Gamedust and KeenGamer bring for you. Best of Luck!

Platform Your Way Out Before Time Runs Out!

DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure is a fast-paced, 2D platformer with a timer. If you don’t make it out of the stage before you reach the last minute, be ready to continue in the dark. 

KovalGames has joined hands with us at KeenGamer to bring you 30 Steam Keys to the few lucky winners which will be drawn at random.

You can also get DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure on Steam if you didn’t win the giveaway. 

DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure – 30 Steam Keys


  1. Explore over 100 large, dimly-lit levels, including dungeons and underwater mazes.
  2. Find 3 energy cells to open the exit and make it to the end in 60 seconds, before the light goes out.
  3. Enjoy beautiful, retro-stylized pixel-art graphics.
  4. Delve deep and discover lost secrets of humanity, darker than any part of your journey.
  5. Don’t be afraid of the dark.

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