Atlas Rogues – 25 Glyph PC Keys Giveaway

Play rogue-lite action like never before! Thanks to Team Critical Hit, we're giving away 25 Glyph PC keys for their newest title, Atlas Rogues. More details below; bring your friends, too.

Atlas Rogues - 25 Glyph PC Keys Giveaway Cover

Battle with Rogues with Rogue-lite Action!

Recruit a team of fierce freelancers and experience rogue-lite gameplay like never before. The ever-new constellation of enemies, layouts and loot make every run unique. You’ll have to work together to survive together – so plan your moves wisely.

We’re giving away 25 Glyph PC keys. Note that this game is in Early Access and may change over time. You will need to use the Glyph platform to play the game.

Atlas Rogues – 25 Glyph PC Keys

Atlas Rogues is also available to play in Steam Early Access if you still wish to support the developers should you not win in this giveaway.


Countdown to Meltdown
Time is ticking in the city of Atlas. In 30 days, the last Reactor on the planet will explode, along with everything else. Only you can stop it, but the Trusts stand in your way. Before you can save the city, you’ll need to recruit a team and earn enough funds (ISO) to survive. Defeat Trust forces in fast-paced, dynamic encounters to earn the cash and equipment you’ll need to take on the Trust bosses. Reach out to lancer contacts to gather enough intel to reveal the location of their strongholds, then steal their Reactor keys to solve the dark mystery behind the meltdown.

Rogue-Lite Gameplay
Can’t stop the meltdown in time? Watch as time loops, but your experience and memories remain.

When the loop resets, the content changes, making every run unique. Dynamic missions and rewards force you to strategize how best to gather the intel and gear you need to take on the Trust strongholds. As you grow your power, the Trusts will improve their troops with random escalations, keeping you on your toes. If you have the ISO to spare, reach out to lancer contacts to see if you can buy the secrets and ammo you need directly. Mix and match different freelancers to see what combinations of gameplay and events are revealed!

Every run unlocks new characters, talents, gear, missions and story elements that you can use to help stop the loop and save Atlas.

Singleplayer and Co-Op Multiplayer Action
Take control of a crew of four freelancers or assign each of them to a friend to earn unlockables together. Collect and swap out characters between each loop to find your favorite crew. Assemble your best team of four freelancers to defeat the Trusts and save the Reactor before the meltdown.

Turn-Based PvE Combat
The tactical team combat flows back and forth between player and enemy turns in short, fast-paced battles. Switch back and forth between your lancer abilities to set up the perfect combo, then predict the enemy turn with precisely placed traps. Gather gear and develop your talents to supercharge your abilities and take on the Trust bosses themselves!

Recruit Your Freelancers
Collect a large cast of vibrant characters ranging from explosive inventors and rage-fueled battle cats to robotic puppies and fishmen with unhealthy obsessions. Every character has their own unique set of abilities and talents; having the right character at the right time can unlock new event choices. Every run through the loop will earn freelancers experience points, which unlock more talents, missions, events, and even other lancers!

Endless Unlocks
Every run unlocks new characters, talents, missions, gear and story that can help you stop the loop and save Atlas.

Escalating Difficulty
As the days count down, enemy Trusts upgrade their forces from a growing pool of Escalation Events, promising new challenges every time you play.

Character Choices
Every lancer enables different missions and choices based on their relationships with the other characters. Exploring these options can unlock new content for your future runs.

Discover the World of Atlas
Delve deeper into the story of Atlas with every loop as you unlock story fragments that will help you discover the true threat behind the meltdown.

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