Afterdream North American Giveaway – 10 PS5 Keys

Win one of the 10 Afterdream PS5 (NA) keys that Feardemic and KeenGamer bring you just in time for the launch of the game on September 28th! Immerse yourself in this 2D psychological horror adventure with your trusty camera and uncover (or develop) the mysteries that hide behind the veil of a dreamlike state. Giveaway runs from September 14th until the 27th, with keys being distributed on release date, the 28th!

Get lost in a lucid dream, bending the lines between reality and fiction. Utilize the strange camera to navigate through the ghosts’ mysterious residence. Find the purpose of your nocturnal visit in a vivid and dreamlike setting.

Navigate the obscure location populated by ghosts, and collect items to solve puzzles as you move further through the intriguing story. Look through the lens of your strange camera and photograph highlighted objects to interact with them.

Feardemic and KeenGamer bring you this opportunity to win one of the 10 PS5 (US) keys for Afterdream in this giveaway ahead of the game’s Launch on September 28th! Enter the sweepstakes with as many entries as you want from September 14th through September 27th, and we’ll be distributing the keys to the winners on the 28th, just in time for launch!

Afterdream – 10 PS5 (US) Keys


  • Side-scrolling 2D with unique art-style
  • Interact with hidden objects through the lens of a strange camera
  • Atmospheric music and sound design
  • Delve into a lucid dream, bending reality and fiction
  • Minimalist yet efficient interface so the focus stays intact
  • Hand-made in Finland, no asset flips or cheap tricks! 🙂

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