Get Angels & Demigods one week before the release!

Developers 7 Keys Studios were so kind and provided us with 5000 copies of this new VR visual novel even one week before the release date on Steam!

Angels & Demigods GiveawayThere is not much to say. Just enter the giveaway and get your key. There should be enough for everyone! 🙂 You will be able to download the full version on Steam starting September 23rd but right now you can get this closed beta build and see the game for yourself one week earlier! Isn't it great??? Game is playable on HTC Vive and PC.

You can check out also 7 Keys Studios website or watch the teaser below.

This is not a Steam key. It's a downloadable pack with game files where you can play the game directly from your hard drive.

5000 keys of Angels & Demigods

Angels & Demigods Teaser

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Hi guys. Full version of chapter 1 is available for free for variety of platform. Check out download links at our Kickstarter page. Enjoy!


Thanks !


i have got it but i can’t open it because there is malware in it


(are 7 keys studios trying to hack us :C)


when i opened it my computer stoped the game and said it had detected malware, just said it was a trojan horse….. so i don’t know what is wrong.


and it was windows defender


I’m so confused, lol. I thought it was going to be a steam key.


This is Early access, but not through Steam 🙂

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