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COD WWII – All The Weapons You’ll Likely Encounter

With the Call of Duty franchise returning to its WWII roots, you're going to encounter and use weapons from the time period. Below is a compilation of all WWII era weapons that you'll run into this November. Pistols, rifles, submachine guns, and light machine guns, the most used model from each country is listed.

COD WWII All The Weapons You'll Likely Encounter

SMall Arms

Pistols: WWII pistols were largely inaccurate and not really improved upon since WWI. Pistols were largely carried by infantry officers, tank crews, and pilots. All pistols were semi-automatic.

U.S.: The U.S. used the .45 M1911, considered the best of the pistols.

Germans: The Germans used a .38 Wealther, which was considered more reliable than the Lugers.

British: The British used the .38 Wembley revolver.

Russians: The Soviets used both the Nagent revolver 1895 and Tokarev pistol

Japan: The Japanese did not usually carry pistols and most officers had a ceremonial sword.

COD: WWII- All The Weapons you'll Likely Encounter
Rifles: Many of the armies entered WWII still using rifles from WWI. America began using by bolt action Springfield rifles and Russians were even using rifles from the Russo-Japanese conflict of 1904.

U.S.- By 1945, the M1 Garand had become the standard infantryman rifle. It was semi-automatic and sefl loading. It was so easy to assemble, every infantryman could break the rifle down and rebuild it in the dark. It was extremely accurate and unaffected by weather.

COD:WWII- All The Weapons You'll Likely Encounter
British: The British used the bolt-action Lee Enfield No. 4 and 5

Japan: Japanese used the Arisaka, which was a copy of the German Mauser rifl 38"  long and used as a sniper weapon when telescope sight added.

Germany: The German used both the Gewehr and Karabiner 98K rifle, which fired a Mauser cartridge 7.92x57mm. 

COD: WWII- All The Weapons You'll Likely Encounter

Submachine guns

The Thompson gun had its origin at the end of world War 1. It was the notorious weapon of choice for 1930's gangsters when known as the "Tommy" gun.The gun was fully automatic.

U.S.: Thompson was issued to non commissioned officers. The 50 round clip was used instead of the drum clip that's commonly seen. It was largely ineffective in jungles because of its low velocity and was used by marines the Pacific and Okinawa.

COD:WWII- All the Weapons You'll Likely Encounter
British: The British commandos either used the Thompson or their own version. the Sten.

COD: WWII- All The Weapons You'll Likely Encounter
Russia: The Soviets used the PPSh-41 selective fire submachine gun using an open-bolt, blowback bolt. Made largely of stamped steel, it can be loaded with either a box or drum magazine, and fires the Tokarev pistol round.

COD: WWII- All The Weapons You'll Likely Encounter
Germany: The Germans largely used the devastating MP40. They also used the Sturmgewehr (storm rifle) in the Eastern front.

Machine Guns

Machine guns are a hybrid falling between small arms and traditional artillery. Small arms are usually represented as portable and hand held by an individual soldier. With the possible exception of the light machine gun, any weapons system that requires a crew to carry and operate will fall outside the domain of small arms.

U.S.:  The United States used the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). The Browning Automatic Rifle was issued as a squad level machinegun, meaning that small units now had the ability to form an effective base of fire while maneuvering and attacking the enemy. It gave the soldiers of WWII an advantage that they desperately needed in the previous war, and proved to be an extremely effective firearm. The BAR was so effective that it was still in active use when the Vietnam war heated up.

COD: WWII- All The Weapons you'll Likely Encounter
British: The British used their own version of the BAR called the Bren.

Germany: The German MG 34 weighed 26 lbs. This heavy air cooled gun was used extensively. It fired 7.92mm at a rate of 800-900 rounds per minute.

COD: WWII- All The Weapons you'll Likely Encounter 
Russia: The Russians used the Ceska Zbrojovka (have fun pronouncing that) light machine gun. Built by Czechslovakia, who also built the British Bren, the Ceska Zbrojovka was used extensively by the Russians during WW2.

COD WWII- All The Weapons You'll Likely Encounter
These are all the weapons you're likely to encounter in Call of Duty: WWII. Obviously, there will also be artillery, hand grenades, tanks, aircraft, and ships within the game. We can tackle that in a different article. Which gun are you most looking forward to using? The MP 40 was always my favorite.

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Who wrote this garbage? Whoever you are listen up!     1)The Thompson Sub machine gun WAS VERY EFFECTIVE in the jungles of WWII because of the heavy mass of the .45 ACP round it fired… Unlike 9mm rounds the .45 had a heavier throw weight and was a man stopper which is exactly what was needed to fight off Banzai charges by Japanese infantry.     2) The Bren gun and the BAR were two very different weapons. The BAR was designed by John Browning during WW1 and the Bren Gun was a licensed version of the Czechoslovak ZGB… Read more »

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