Burnout Paradise Remastered Is A Great Sign

In my younger years, I would experience one Burnout title after another, each of them bringing sheer joy in the form of full metal carnage. The last of these joyous outings came in the form of Burnout Paradise, originally releasing in 2008. The game did its name justice as it finally felt like the franchise achieved its loftiest ambitions. Some may be disappointed that this release is a remaster and not a fully new title. Yet, significantly, it points to signs of great things to come.

Burnout Paradise Remastered Is A Great Sign
Nobody can deny the fun, arcade nature of the Burnout franchise, scored with cheesy tween rock fresh out of an American Pie movie. What’s more undeniable is Criterion’s expert and experience handling of driving mechanics. Sure, Burnout may not be anywhere near as technical as your PGRs or Forzas. Yet there’s no denying their skill in with designing smooth vehicle control that makes you feel like a pro in no time. Is it any wonder Criterion made the cut to design vehicle control for Battlefront II? Say what you will of that game, thanks to Criterion, it has the best space battles ever seen in a Star Wars title. Vehicles are probably the best part of Battlefront II

Burnout Paradise Remastered Is A Great Sign  - A great place for tailgating gone wrong
While it’s unclear if we will be getting more vehicle related updates in Battlefront II, the return of Burnout Paradise means one thing. Criterion has a little more time on their hands after spending years hard at work on Battlefront II’s vehicles and handling. It also means the studio hasn’t forgotten their roots and there’s still clearly a lot of love for the Burnout franchise both in the studio and out. Count me in as a member of that club. Perhaps Criterion is bringing Burnout back into the public eye in preparation for – finally – and eighth gen Burnout game. Our modern day technology could be put to wonderful use with Burnout’s signature slow-mo crumpling metal and fracturing glass. 

Burnout Paradise Remastered Is A Great Sign  - Full customisation on display
In case you’ve been living under a rock, Burnout Paradise is an open world arcade action racer replete with missions, collectables, challenges and customisable vehicles. I for one, cannot wait to get stuck back into Paradise City’s roads on March 16th. A later unannounced release date in on the way for PC while PS4 and Xbox One players will be the first to the race. If you’ve never experience Burnout in any form, now is a great time to jump in with Burnout Paradise Remastered offering all DLC in a full package at lower than typical asking price. Here’s hoping Criterion has beefed out the cheesey rock soundtrack with a few more hits! 

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