Battlerite Royale 40 Themed Keys Giveaway

Battlerite's action-packed gameplay returns in Battlerite Royale! Take on the fight alone or team up with a friend to prove your mettle. Prepare for battle, and fight to survive as the Death Vortex closes in.

YOUR All Champion's pack IS JUST BELOW!

Explore the fantastical Talon Island in a thrilling fusion between a MOBA and Battle Royale game. Choose your Champion and master their unique abilities, loot for treasures alone or with a friend, and rise above the competition in a top-down action-fest. Only the best survive to the end!
If you cannot use the form below (for mobile), try it on Gleam page for mobile. 

The game is free-to-play on Steam, but we give away 40 Event keys for free! Each key unlocks a chest from the recent Battlerite Royale events.

The keys include chests from the following events or unlock the following content:  All Champion's Pack, Lovehound, Mountain Zebra, and Thunder Serpent Mounts as well as Arctic, Curse of the Night, and Gold Chests.  

How to activate your key on Steam                                                    

  1. You need to own the game Battlerite Royale

  2. Please follow these instructions to activate your key on Steam:                                  

  • Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.            

  • Click the Games Menu.            

  • Choose Activate a Product on Steam…        

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.        

  • Open the game and go to your collection to find your rewards.

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thx for DUPLICATE KEY :/

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