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ArcheAge – interview with Trion

ArcheAge - interview with Scott Hartsman about the current status.

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Scott Hartsman from Trion was interviewed by Massively. What did he say? How is the launch doing? How will they remove queues?

First Scott said that it is hard to forecast how many people will show up and play the game right at the launch. They had several backup plans but as you can see often in the login screen the success was even higher than they expected. They expect to announce 2 million users a lot sooner than they thought.

Why the extra servers were not prepared in advance? Simply it was not possible. The speed which Trion puts more servers online is one of the fastest Scott has ever seen. And they just couldn't buy more servers because the price of them are in multiple millions of dollars. 

He also says that favoring patrons is being tuned to give them better positions in queues. Also the rumor visible in the in-game chat that Trion is kicking from the game free players in NA are not true.

Also be sure that the locked servers where it is impossible to create a new character is only temporary. 

In the end it seems that the game is going in the right way but it will take some time before the number of players are evenly divided on the correct number of servers.

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