Air Missions: HIND Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to become a pilot of an assault helicopter? Now it's your chance without spending years in army or learning other insane tutorials. Just enter our giveaway and win the game!


$255 just for you! try your luck and enter the giveaway!

The game has received great 7,8/10 in our review

Air Missions:HIND is a great mix between the arcade style fps, and the extreme militaristic simulator, and has great potential for the future. You will be deployed to the battlefield either on your own or with a friend. Right now you can buy it on Steam for $16.99. But of course, with us you can get the game for free and shoot your enemies just in one week. Don’t hesitate and get this great game. There is not many simulators these days and you shouldn’t miss this one.

Air Missions: HIND 

Air Missions: HIND - Early Access Lauch Trailer

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    Sorry I missed the chance….


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