5 Epic Historical Battles That Should Be In COD: WWII

These WWII battles have epic dogfights, tank battles, and infantry heroics and could be the backdrop for players in this year's Call of Duty. The battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle in history, while the battle of Midway turned the tide in the Pacific. Stalingrad stands as a testament of the human spirit willing to do anything to defend his or her homeland.

5 Epic Historical Battles That Should Be In COD:WWII
The Second World War is arguably the most important war in the history of mankind. Spanning multiple continents, costing millions of lives, the struggle of liberty vs fascism, the horrible genocide of an ethnicity, culminating in the development and use of the most destructive weapon ever created, WWII will hopefully serve as a reminder of the horrors of global conflict. WWII also helped establish Call of Duty as one of the most successful video game franchises. After a decade focusing on modern warfare, and dabbling in sci-fi, Call of Duty returns to its roots. These are five epic historical battles that will (hopefully) be included in Call of Duty: WWII. D-Day is not included in this list because it's already confirmed from the trailer.

1. Battle of Stalingrad
Historical Battles That Should Be In COD:WWII
In a war largely defined by importance of tanks and aircraft, the battle of Stalingrad stands in stark contrast. A long and bloody infantry struggle as the Russian soldiers and civilians desperately protected their city against the hordes of German invaders. Time and time again, Germany pushed forward with its superior armor and artillery, but could not dislodge the Russian soldiers. Under strict orders against surrender, Russian infantry squads holed up in apartments, office buildings, and factories and made the Germans pay for each inch of Russian soil they walked on. Stalingrad stands as a true testament of the human spirit.

2. Battle of Midway
Historical Battles That Should Be In COD:WWII 
The war on the pacific front did not begin well for the United States. After the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, the American Navy was crippled and Japan had all the advantages. Fortunately, the Japanese did not take advantage of their initial success and America was able to rebuild its navy and airforce to match the Japanese. The victory at Midway marked the turning point in the war against the Japanese as America reasserted its dominance over both the sea and the air. Thanks to codebreakers, the United States was able to surprise the Japanese forces and destroyed three of the four of their aircraft carriers. A devastating loss from which Japan never recovered.

3. Battle of Kursk
Historical Battles That Should Be In COD:WWII
Operation Citadel was Germany's final offensive operation and Kursk is considered the largest tank battle of the war. The Nazis tried to surround Russian forces, but the Russians were prepared. They laid anti-take mines and built a line of defensive ditches to repel the assault. In the skies above, Russian planes dropped anti tank bombs down on the Germans, and Russians were able to lead a successful counter-attack. The Nazis were on the defensive for the remainder of the war.

4. Battle of Britain 

Historical Battles That Should Be In COD:WWII
In 1940, Hitler planned on invading Britain, but in order to do that he needed air superiority. So far 4 months, the Nazi planes, Stukas, bombed cities and attacked gas stations, airfields, and other important strategic locations. But the British endured, and eventually Hitler had to abandon his invasion plans. The Stuka planes were too small and not able to hold their own against the British Hurricanes and Spitfires. The Battle of Britain would be an excellent mission for dogfighting and plane vs plane action.

5. Battle of the Bulge
Historical Battles That Should Be In COD:WWII
After D-Day, the Allies rapidly advanced across France and Belgium. Hitler's only chance was one final blitzkrieg. He massed all his remaining armored divisions and threw them at the Allied lines. He hoped to break the Allied lines and repel their advance. He was wrong, the Allies withstood the assaults. They bent but refused to break. The Germans could only fight for a few days before they ran out of ammunition and food and the offensive ended. Hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers later arrived as reinforcements and the end was inevitable.

What are you looking forward to most about COD:WWII? Let us know in the comments! 

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    you forget one . no one talked about the Battle of El Alamein


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