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1000 keys worth $19.990! Supraball Giveaway!

1.000 keys worth $19.990 just for you! This is the biggest giveaway we have ever done! Right now you can get a real alternative to Rocket League and play with your friends in a new arena game on Steam. Get the game and tell your friends about it!

what!? 1000 keys? worth $19.990? yes! and just for you…

Supraball Giveaway
Yes, it’s true. We have 1.000 keys to distribute. Do you know Rocket League? We have a game from this brand new FPSG – First Person Sports Game genre. Teams try to shoot the ball into the enemies goal and win the match. Simple rules and lots of fun. Rocket League has started this mania and of course more similar games are being developed. We believe that Supraball can be another title which will attract gamers and will get its own piece of cake from the millions of players shooting balls in the arenas every month.

Normally you can buy Supraball on Steam for $19.99 right now. And if you wish to learn how to play, read this nice guide on the game’s website.

Also check our preview here, watch the trailer below and enter the giveaway to get the key! :-).

Keys will be emailed to the winners June 23rd after the giveaway ends.

Supraball giveaway 


  1. Avatar photo

    thanks for key!

  2. Avatar photo

    Thnx for the key 🙂

  3. Avatar photo

    Damn Awesome! I hope i win a key :p

  4. Avatar photo

    1000! ARE YOU CRAZY!!! But to be comepletely honest thankyou <3

    • Avatar photo

      Yes, sometimes we are crazy :-). Just be happy, there is a BIG chance you’ll get the key 😉

  5. Avatar photo

    Good luck everyone from WeLoveBundles team! =)

  6. Avatar photo

    I wouldn’t get this game, very toxic community, unhelpful developers and nothing has been done gameplay wise in over 2 years. They also banned me multiple times


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