Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Teaser Released

A very brief teaser for Camp Cretaceous season 4 was recently released. In only 14 seconds, fans are given several cryptic clues about the upcoming season. The campers may end up on Isla Sorna, or another of "The Five Deaths" on December 3rd.

Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Teaser Released CoverA brief and very cryptic teaser for Camp Cretaceous season 4 was recently released by Dreamworks Animation. The clip is only 14 seconds long, but there is much to unpack. There are some clues that may help ascertain the plot and setting of season 4. In addition to the clues, this teaser reveals December 3rd, 2021 as the release date. 

Camp Cretaceous is an animated series set in the Jurassic Park universe, taking place simultaneously to the Jurassic World movies. The show stars six young-teenage kids who were selected to attend Jurassic World’s exclusive summer camp, Camp Cretaceous. The campers get off to a rocky start both with their new surroundings and with each other. However, once the Indominus Rex breaks out and brings down the whole park, the campers are forced to survive together. Over time, the six of them forge a bond that helps them survive the subsequent chaos.

To begin, have a look at the teaser below.

New Island

The message after the release date says, “a new island awaits.” It’s safe to assume that the dark island in the background is this new island. My first guess is that this may be Isla Sorna, which is the island that Jurassic Park 2 and 3 take place on. Many fans point out how Isla Sorna looks different in each of those movies. That is because most of The Lost World was filmed in California and most of Jurassic Park 3 was filmed in Hawaii. The island could also be another one of “The Five Deaths,” which are featured in the video game, Jurassic World Evolution

Hexagonal Flash

Five seconds into the teaser, a hexagonal flash appears above the release date. It looks like a computer glitch of some kind. If paused at five seconds, one can see that the flash contains an image of a desert with some cacti. Perhaps, that desert is beyond the jungle we see in the teaser. The Hexagonal shape reminds me of the spy drone that was taken down by the Scorpios Rex in season 3. Maybe that drone will be relevant in season 4.


Dinosaur on the boat

At the end of season 3, the campers escape Isla Nublar on a boat. In the closing moments of the last episode, the camera pans to a door to the boat’s interior, then a small cry is heard. It appears that a dinosaur has stowed away on the boat. Fans have been speculating as to what this dino could be since season 3 concluded. I agree with the theory presented in the above video.

Mantah Corp

The next thing to discuss is what sort of trouble the unlucky campers will find themselves in on December 3rd. A company called Mantah Corp has made a few appearances in the show. Maybe that will be season 4’s antagonist. Mantah Corp could be utilizing one of “The Five Deaths” for a nefarious scheme.

Fans will find out when Camp Cretaceous season 4 arrives on December 3rd, and possibly, there may be another teaser before then.

(Video by Shadows.)

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