Tomb Raider Review Roundup – “A Badass Bore”

It’s been a long time since we saw the sassy rendition of Lara taking shape in the form of Angelina Jolie. There’s no denying her Tomb Raider films were cheesy, over the top… Overall, we remember them fondly. In the new rebooot, starring Alicia Vikander, the film takes strongly after the 2013 reboot in games of Tomb Raider. While the film’s story beats don’t take from a readily served up silver platter of what’s come before, how do the critics of the internet see this film?

Tomb Raider Review Roundup - “A Badass Bore”

Polygon – Patient and Reserved

After years of attempts, no one expects a video game movie to be high cinema. But if Tomb Raider wasn’t going to be great, I had at least held out hope that it would be entertaining. The allowance I was determined to give it was, unfortunately, not quite returned, and I left the theater wondering how soon I could rewatch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The Guardian – Underwhelmed and Harsh

"There is hardly a stone surface anywhere in the film that will not grindingly reveal a trapdoor, a recessed panel, or a large metal spike – and all with a certain mysterious engineering that provides for a considerable amount of movement without a power source, in the much-loved and time-honoured manner. And throughout Vikander maintains a kind of serene evenness of manner. Blandness is Lara’s theme."

Tomb Raider Review Roundup - “A Badass Bore” - Is Vikander...bland? 
Gamespot – Pleasantly Surprised 

"To say exactly where the story goes that makes Tomb Raider so unique would be a spoiler, but let's just say it stays surprisingly grounded. That's a word you can apply to more or less the whole movie. Much of the action is heightened to unbelievable proportions, though no more so than in the 2013 Tomb Raider game, which was widely praised for its 'gritty realism.' The movie is a direct adaptation of that game, and it more than does it justice, even surpassing it in many ways."

IGN – Displeased With Character Arcs

"At its best, Tomb Raider is a passable action movie. It has some cool fight scenes and a neat tomb to raid. But this iteration of iconic adventurer Lara Croft misses the mark by reducing her identity to her relationship with her missing father and her physical prowess. This movie may directly lift many elements from the excellent 2013 video game reboot, but it disappointingly chooses not to adapt what made Lara an interesting and deep character."

Tomb Raider Review Roundup - “A Badass Bore” - Tomb raider raiding tombs

Indie Wire – Disappointed and Deflated

“Despite a fresher heroine, Tomb Raider still has all sorts of retrograde video game movie tropes. A cheesy voiceover serves as dunderheaded prologue, and all but consumes the narrative motion of the second act; flashbacks get out of hand in their attempts to round out Lara and Richard's relationship.”

Rotten Tomatoes

Audience Score – 70%
Critic Score – 50%
Positive Comments
“Tomb Raider" is a real cliff hanger — literally on at least two occasions — and it's a classic popcorn movie. Despite what Jeanne writes, the film's action sequences make it eminently watchable.”
“Alicia Vikander's tough and tender turn as Lara Croft makes this silly but entertaining action adventure worthwhile.”
“Alicia Vikander is so good without saying anything. She does so much acting with every intonation of her face. Her eyes express so much.”
Negative Comments
“If your movie makes people want to play the game instead, that's a sign of deficient filmmaking – or an extremely overpriced advertisement.”
“The greatest distinction of "Tomb Raider" may be its trombones. In an unseen orchestra that bleats and blares, an urgent trombone chorus heralds every leap into banality.”
“While Vikander plays a competent Lara Croft, she's also a surprisingly joyless one. And if you can't have fun at a movie like this, what's the point?”

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