Star Wars: The Last Jedi Gets The Trailer Treatment

Holy snokes! The newest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi got released and fans are absolutely buzzing about it! The newest trailer gives an even bigger glimpse at what fans should expect from Finn, Rey, and even Kylo before they hit the silver screen this December.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Gets The Trailer Treatment
As many Star Wars fans have already set their watches, clocks, and phones for the newest major release, Another tantalizing treat is dangled upon said fans' collective noses. The official release of a Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie trailer has gone live on YouTube and various other platforms, adding more to the mountainous amount of hype that the official teaser left us with five months prior. Along with this hype, fans get treated with even more along the lines of an official release date of December 15th, rather than the more flexible "This December" they were given 5 months ago.

Many are clamoring for more from and speculating about the latest movie trailer to the point of it trending on Twitter within the first hour of its release.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Gets The Trailer Treatment. Speculation arises amidst the praise of the new trailer
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Gets The Trailer Treatment. Even NPH is in L-o-v-e with the new trailer
The trailer, as you would expect, was full to the brim with action that mostly revolved around Rey. First, she was shown on the island the last movie left off on, with Luke Skywalker claiming that the Jedi must end. This and several scenes shown where Rey is seemingly speaking to Kylo Ren about seeking answers from him, lead people to believe that perhaps Rey has ties to the dark side, or even that the Jedi are not who we once thought they were. Nonetheless, the new trailer has us all scratching our heads wondering about something.
See the official trailer for yourself, maybe you'll get more than we did out of it!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Official)

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