Daniel Craig Gives Emotional Farewell to James Bond

English actor, Daniel Craig, has bid James Bond farewell with an emotional speech. As you may know, he is retiring from the role after 15 long years. His fifth and last Bond movie, No Time To Die, is launching in the next several weeks.

Daniel Craig Gives Emotional Farewell to James Bond

Daniel Craig is saying farewell to the prestigious role of James Bond. He has portrayed the suave secret agent in five 007 movies. Now, actor Daniel Craig is leaving the role behind. He’s been the face of James Bond for 15 long years now. As filming wrapped up on No Time To Die, he gave an emotional farewell speech. His words were directed to the crew. The final Daniel Craig Bond movie will be unleashed in theaters on October 8th in the US. Meanwhile, UK fans can see it starting a bit sooner on September 30th.

While the English actor may be retiring from his days as secret agent 007, he is not done acting. According to Gamespot, Daniel Craig is still working on other projects, like the Knives Out sequels.

It seems playing James Bond isn’t always as fun as it sounds. The actor sparked a bit of controversy after finishing up on Spectre back in 2015. However, his “slash my wrists” comment was made two days after filming ended. So it’s no wonder he wasn’t in a mood to jump back in. He commented about the matter on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. In hindsight, the actor called his “slash my wrists” quote a “really stupid answer”. Of course, he did come back and play James Bond again. Furthermore, based on his farewell speech, he had fun doing it, too.

With the upcoming release of No Time To Die, we bid another James Bond era farewell. Daniel Craig’s rendition of the British super-spy may be coming to an end, but some of 007’s toys recently turned up in an odd place. You may have seen a while back that his iconic 1963 Aston Martin DB5 appeared in Rocket League. More of his fancy rides were said to be coming to that arena as well.

NO TIME TO DIE | Final US Trailer

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