Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked Worst to Best

No time to look for the best Christmas Movie of 2022? After scanning through and watching many movies, we can finally give you the list: Best Christmas Movie of 2022 ranked worst to best! Your guide to what festive movies to watch with your family or friends hitting streaming platforms this Christmas.

Christmas Movies of 2022 Ranked Worst to BestIt’s always to pain to choose Christmas Movie to watch, so we watched all these ones so you don’t have to. In this guide y,ou’ll find the best Christmas Movies of 2022 ranked worst to best. This list only features movies from 2022. One thing is sure, we’ve had better years for Christmas Movies. Although some are enjoyable, we’re far from the classics that made us love the genre. Tis’ the season, Christmas Movie season is back.

The Noel Diary

Mocking a bad Christmas rom-com is part of the fun of the holiday; the best that can be said for The Noel Diary is that it fully deserves our derision. Many elements feel undercooked, the movie swirls through topics of adoption, abandonment, death, risk, love, security, reliability and long-shot chances without becoming too… heavy. Clearly not the best Christmas Movie of 2022 but the result is overall enjoyable. A well deserved last spot.

The Noel Diary | Official Trailer | Netflix

Something From Tiffany’s

There’s nothing timeless or elegant about this movie, its entirely composed of elements derived from much better films… There is not much to this movie except the presence of Deutch, and yet she’s enough to pull it up from a slog to downright watchable. It is pretty predictable, even if guessing what comes next in a movie isn’t your strong suit. Something From Tiffany’s is overall a non-risky holiday watch. Remember, sometimes derision is key for these Christmas Movies.

Something From Tiffany's - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’s ageless legend is reborn in this supernatural, time-travelling, musical adaptation.  Everyone knows the story of A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens’s classic novella has been adapted for countless stage and screen performances. It takes a lot to stand out and unfortunately, Netflix’s animated version fails to do that. The story appears to be aimed at children but the songs at adults, which is confusing. The movie is bound to get lost and forgotten in the sea of countless A Christmas Carol adaptations because of its uninspired writing. There are a few nice touches, overall it’s an enjoyable family watch.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol | Official Trailer | Netflix

Falling for Christmas

Who expected Lindsey Lohan for best Christmas Movies 2022? Falling for Christmas is Netflix’s latest slice of holiday season romantic and it is notable for precisely one reason – the return of Lohan as a comedic star. The premise has been done before, the acting is… meh but I truly think this is because of the writing. This is a rom-com in which both rom and com are in short supply… Viewers in the mood for some Christmas vibes will find Falling for Christmas as easy as falling on the couch.

Falling For Christmas | Lindsay Lohan | Official Trailer | Netflix

Your Christmas Or Mine?

It won’t boggle you with unexpected plot twists. But it does contain all the essential Christmas-movie ingredients: lashings of warmth and humor, plus the potential for an occasional laugh. We can give it that it’s a fun premise that leads to comedic situations. Overall another an unchallenging Christmas fluff (and I mean that in a good way), an easy watch.

Your Christmas Or Mine? | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Three Wise Men and a Baby

Even if it doesn’t seem like one of the best Christmas movies of 2022, the particularity of this movie is that it’s a remake of the 1980’s classic, called Three Men and a Baby but… Christmasified. The three brothers have a good chemistry together and all of them slide into recognizable familial roles – the smart one – the funny one etc… Don’t expect to be surprised. I have to say though, this movie is a surprisingly good watch, I expected nothing but found myself laughing a few times.

Preview - Three Wise Men and a Baby - Hallmark Channel


Now we’re getting into the more pleasant movies. Will Ferrell fans wanted a sequel to the Christmas classic Elf, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Instead, Spirited is yet another adaptation of Dickens’ story. Even if a bit uneven, the film delivers exactly what viewers want to see: Christmas themes and jokes, even if they don’t always hit the spot. It’s an entertaining enough Christmas film with a couple of fun musical numbers and starring two of the biggest movie stars working today, Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. The two characters have fun and good moments. The story tries to show another side of Dicken’s story, but let’s be honest, even if a good movie, this is not a Christmas classic.

Spirited — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

A Christmas Story Christmas

The family comedy A Christmas Story Christmas is the long-awaited follow-up to the annual holiday favorite, A Christmas Story. Watch and enjoy it, but don’t expect something as brilliant as the first one. That’s a classic that deserves to be on a loop. The original conveyed the magic of Christmas through the wide-eyed wonder of childhood. The sequel has its entertaining moments, but most hinge on understanding their relationship to the original. Rotten Tomatoes seems to prefer it over Spirited, so I decided to give them reason. In total honesty, it made me want to watch the original.

A Christmas Story Christmas – Official Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy, Holiday Special

Funny and just a little bizarre in the ways the Guardians movies have always been, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is a fun time for fans of the franchise. Although the movie is only 44 minutes short it does deliver in terms of comedy and action. While it may seem like a disposable bit of extra content in the increasingly crowded Marvel pool, it ends up being one of the more straightforwardly funny ones of the bunch. The main critic would be too short! Defintely one of the best Christmas movies of 2022!
Marvel Studios’ Special Presentation: The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special | Official Trailer
Even if Christmas Movies from 2022 are clearly not the best, we can say that the last three from this list are really honorable mentions. In the top 100 Christmas Movies of all time, published by Rotten Tomatoes the first one from 2022 falls at the 17th spot… Proof that this year really was not the best for Christmas Movies. After all, the genre is known and has been revisited many times. It’s hard to be on par with classics, such as Home Alone, Klaus and Die Hard (that is, if you consider Die Hard a Christmas movie…).

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