KeenGamer Podcast Episode 86: E3’s 2021 Revival

The KeenGamer podcast crew delivers predictions and thoughts on E3 coming back after skipping last year. The hosts also dive into recent news about Capcom being sued for plagiarism and a leak of an upcoming multiplayer Tom Clancy game that Ubisoft is developing.

KeenGamer Podcast Episode 86: E3's 2021 Revival

E3 took last year off due to COVID-19, and now that it is back, Tristan and Anyka talk about it on the podcast. The hosts go into their thoughts on its revival along with predictions of things that might be shown or won’t be shown. Before that, they discuss the lawsuit that Capcom faces and a leaked Tom Clancy game that Ubisoft is cooking.


[2:03] Leaked Tom Clancy game
[8:46] Capcom facing a lawsuit
[15:22] E3 coming back
[26:49] E3 predictions

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Music Credit: Joseph Pascoulis

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KeenGamer Podcast Episode 86: E3’s 2021 Revival

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