KeenGamer Podcast Episode 61 – Industry Acquisitions

Studio acquisitions are a regular event in the video game industry. While the Zenimax acquisition was the biggest ever, it's thrown people into utter confusion about what can and can't happen. This week Tristan and Tommus discuss the pros and cons of acquisitions in the industry and how things could look in the future.

KeenGamer Podcast Episode 61 - Industry Acquisitions

It’s time for the KeenGamer podcast! This week Tristan and Tommus hold it on their own while they discuss acquisitions in the games industry. News topics this week include more evidence of a Mass Effect remaster, Valve moving to New Zealand, Aiden Pearce getting a large role in Watch Dogs: Legion,  and PlayStation fixing new party system problems.


[01:21] Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been rated in Korea
[09:35] Watch Dogs Legion writing parts of the story to fit Aiden Pearce
[15:47] PlayStation looking into negative feedback towards new party system
[19:48] Gabe Newell wants to move Valve and other developers to New Zealand
[30:45] Weekly Topic: Industry Acquisitions

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