KeenGamer Podcast: Episode 59: Next-Gen Roundup

Various outlets and personalities got hands-on PS5 and Xbox Series X, so we broke it all down, along with some fun news stories to lighten up everything before all the tech jargon comes in. Have a seat and enjoy as Tristan, Kira, and Luis talk about the latest in the world of video games on this episode.

KeenGamer Podcast Episode 59: Next-Gen RoundupThis is the KeenGamer Podcast episode 59 where Tristan, Kira, and Luis talk about the latest roundups for current impressions of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, along with news stories about the successful launch of Genshin Impact, Xbox outselling PS in Brazil, and how Among Us topped Star Wars: Squadrons


[1:56] Among Us beats Star Wars: Squadrons on PC
[10:00] Genshin Impact is the biggest launch for a game developed in China
[19:50] Xbox Series X outsells PS5 in Brazil
[32:05] Roundup of Japanese media impressions of PS5
[47:50] Roundup of media and influencer impressions of Xbox Series X

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