KeenGamer Podcast Episode 51

Everybody has that one opinion on video games that is somewhat controversial! Well so does the new cast of the KeenGamer podcast. Tune in to see what each member thinks, plus news on Fall Guys, AC: Valhalla, and so much more.

KeenGamer Podcast Episode 51 cover

Welcome to Episode 51 of the official KeenGamer Podcast! This is the first episode of the podcast after a recent overhaul so expect a lot of new faces as well as an entirely new format, shorter episode times, and much more.

In this weeks episode, new host Tristan Zelden discusses with Kira Laib, and Tommus Gerwin about their hot takes on the gaming  industry. Also, the cast will talk over some interesting news over the last week including: Fall Guys, a mother’s fight for $20,000 in wrongful Twitch  donations, and AC: Valhalla’s re-trailer with a female protagonist. Stay tuned!

Time Stamps

[00:00] Introductions
[01:32] Fall Guys Had Over 1.5 Million New Players In Its First 24 Hours
[07:36] Teenager Spends Nearly $20,000 In Twitch Donations Using Mother’s Debit Card
[12:47] Hood: Outlaws and Legends Announced for PS5
[17:19] Rocksteady Teases A New Suicide Squad Game
[26:55] Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Releases Version Of Reveal Trailer With Female Eivor
[32:44] The Nintendo Switch Has Sold Over 61 Million Units Worldwide
[40:26] Industry Hot Takes

Feel free to send your feedback and future discussion topics to [email protected] For more discussion on all things and to help the Podcast grow and improve jump over to the official podcast forum to throw in your two cents and chat with other listeners.

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