Game Awards 2019 and our GOTYs – KeenGamer Podcast Ep. 22

On the KeenGamer Podcast Ep. 22, David, Sean, and Tim discuss the events of the 2019 Game Awards, including new game premieres, announcements, and of course the title that claimed the Game of the Year award. We also take a look back at this year in games, and what titles we consider to be our personal games of the year!

Game Awards 2019 and our GOTYs - KeenGamer Podcast Ep. 22

Welcome to the KeenGamer Podcast, KeenGamer’s official podcast! Join David LozadaSean Rehbein, Tim Ronan, and newcomer Limarc Ambalina as they talk about the week’s hottest news stories and dissect the latest controversy shaking up the video game industry. In the KeenGamer Podcast Ep. 22, we discuss our favorite games of 2019! Check out the titles we think deserve a little more recognition when it comes to Game of the Year awards.

We also discuss our favorite moments from this year’s Games Awards and wonder how Cats ever released in theaters. Check out links and timestamps to all of our topics below:

Key takeaways from this year’s Game Awards – 00:38:23

Our Personal Game of the Year Picks – 01:01:48

  • Limarc’s Silver Award – 01:09:11
  • Limarc’s Gold Award – 01:30:13
  • Sean’s Bronze Award – 01:02:20
  • Sean’s Silver Award – 01:13:36
  • Sean’s Gold Award – 01:37:09
  • Tim’s Bronze Award – 01:04:45
  • Tim’s Silver Award – 01:19:38
  • Tim’s Gold Award – 01:44:26
  • David’s Silver Award – 01:22:47
  • David’s Gold Award – 01:50:36

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