KeenGamer Podcast Episode 75: Accessibility in Games

Accessibility in games is an important topic for this industry and the community surrounding it; that's why the KeenGamer Podcast crew dives right into it. On top of that, there is sad news from PlayStation as it closes older stores for previous consoles, an intriguing Pikmin AR game, and a CEO giving employees the day off for Monster Hunter Rise.

KeenGamer Podcast Episode 75: Accessibility in Games

An important subject in games is accessibility; that’s why MaxTristan, and Ben hop on this week’s episode of the KeenGamer Podcast as they wanted to dive into it, whether that is talking about games or companies that have done it well or done it poorly. Plus, encouraging listeners to educate themselves on the topic.

Outside of that, the cast into the upcoming Pikmin AR game, PlayStation closing old stores for the PS3 and its handheld consoles, and how a CEO will let employees have the day off for Monster Hunter Rise.


[00:37] Niantic to make Pikmin AR game to release this year
[08:15] PS3, Vita, and PSP stores to close in a few months
[24:33] Mark-On CEO in Japan gives employees March 26 off to play Monster Hunter Rise
[35:30] Accessibility in games

What do you think of this episode of the KeenGamer Podcast as we talked about accessibility in games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Music Credit: Joseph Pascoulis
Thumbnail: Deja’ Fox

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