KeenGamer Podcast Episode 70: Valheim Craze, Nostalgic Flash Games, and More!

The KeenGamer Podcast crew talk about their fond memories with Flash Games plus the latest news stories of the week. The KeenCast discusses EA finalizing the deal to purchase Codemasters, the Valheim craze, and the latest Nintendo Direct.

KeenGamer Podcast Episode 70: Valheim Craze, Nostalgic Flash Games, and More!

For his first time, Geoff hosts this week’s episode of the KeenGamer podcast as he, Rudra, and Anyka gather around to talk about Flash games. Before they get nostalgic over those games, they discuss some hot topics of news for the week. They discuss how Sweden is crushing it with its survival games and the latest hit from the Scandinavian country is Valheim that has taken PC gamers by storm. The crew also talk about Codemasters getting bought out and the exciting news from the latest Nintendo Direct.


[00:44] What we have been playing
[08:39] Nintendo Direct
[21:20] Codemasters getting bought
[25:36] Valheim explosion and Sweden’s hold on survival games
[28:00] Flash games, our fond memories, and more

Music Credit: Joseph Pascoulis
Thumbnail: Deja’ Fox

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