5 Tips to Quickly Earn Diamond Players in The Show 19

Trying to improve your roster in The Show 19? Diamond rated players will help your online performance and improve your team's overall abilities. Here are some quick tips to help you earn diamond players in Diamond Dynasty.

5 tips to quickly earn diamond players in The Show 19
Tired of losing Diamond Dynasty games in The Show 19? If you’re constantly losing because of poor fielding or because you can’t make contact with the ball, you may need some diamond rated players on your roster. Here are some quick tips to help you earn diamond rated players that will greatly improve your team’s stats.

Play Conquest

Playing Conquest is a great way to quickly earn a great diamond player for your team. Completing the Nation of Baseball Challenge in Conquest will earn you one of the game’s best contact hitters, Ty Cobb. This challenge may be a little time consuming, but it’s an easy and free way to earn a great diamond card. I will note that Ty Cobb’s fielding is pretty poor, but with over a hundred hours into the game, he’s still on my roster because he is a contact-hitting machine. In the process of earning Ty Cobb you will also earn stubs and card packs that can be used to purchase/discover diamonds as well.

Complete Programs

Currently there is only one Program that can be completed in the game, but a second one is coming very soon! This is okay though, the 1st Inning Program contains a diamond reward of your choice. Completing challenges that reward you with Program Stars will eventually net you a diamond player of your choice, sort of. You have to choose one of three pre-selected diamond players, but they’re still great additions to any team’s roster. The three diamond selections include Andruw Jones, Rich Gossage, and Cy Young. This will be a hard choice because each card has its own unique and appealing stats, so choose a card that will best fit your play-style. Personally, I found it too hard to pass up on Cy Young’s 96 overall card.

The 1st Inning Program will also score you a Balling is a Habbit pack which guarantees you a gold or better player. Have fun ripping open the pack and hoping for a diamond card, but don’t be disappointed if you only get a gold player; you can always sell them on the market for stubs if you don’t want them on your team.

5 tips to quickly earn diamond players in The Show 19

Earn xp

Earning XP will also eventually net you a diamond card. The more you play, the more XP you receive, and the more diamond cards you will be able to earn. Hitting profile level 50 will score you a choice of one of thirty diamond players! None of these cards are particularly high-level diamond cards, but they are still free diamond cards with some great stats. Once again, you’ll want to choose a card that best fits your team’s needs and your play-style. If you’re not very good at hitting, you may want to select someone like Tony Gwynn, who has over 100 contact from lefty and righty pitchers. However, if you don’t have any solid pitchers in your rotation, you may want to invest your selection in Tom Seaver, who comes with 109 stamina and 98 clutch stats. The choice is really up to you and with 30 options, it’s not exactly an easy choice to make. Luckily you will be able to continue to choose more diamonds from these 30 cards as you continue to progress you profile level.

Hitting profile level 75 will be the first time you are allowed to select a free, high level, diamond card. This selection also happens to contain what is objectively one of the best cards in the game, a 99 overall Clayton Kershaw. Great rewards such as this will continue as you earn more XP for playing the game.

Headliner packs

I have mixed feelings on buying packs, generally I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend your hard earned stubs on them, but this is a guide on how to quickly earn diamond cards, not on how to earn stubs. Headliner Packs cost 7,500 stubs and have 1:10 odds of pulling a diamond card, with increased probability of pulling featured high diamond rated cards. It’s really up to you if you think the cost is worth the potential diamond cards, but one thing’s for sure, you can really quickly earn diamonds if you’re lucky. There is a small caveat though; you can only buy three Headliners at a time. Although the game is constantly updated so that you can purchase more Headliner Packs once the new sets come out, which is roughly just longer than a week.

5 tips to quickly earn diamond players in The Show 19

Save your stubs

You might be surprised with how quickly you can earn stubs if you don’t spend them. Odds are, you aren’t going to pull diamond players from regular packs, so don’t buy them. At 1,500 stubs a pack, regular packs just aren’t worth the risk, especially because you only have a 1:50 chance a pulling a diamond card out of them. If there’s a diamond card that you want, just save up and buy them on the market. Play game modes that give you stubs such as Moments and Conquest. It’s also important to sell everything in your inventory that you’re not going to use; even low ranked players will start to add up. Don’t forget; never purchase a diamond player for full price, put in a buy order for a competitive price on the Community Market.

go play

These are my tips for quickly earning diamond players. Yes, there are plenty of other ways to earn diamond cards, but I wouldn’t qualify them as “quick.” So, go play, you have some grinding to do if you want to utilize the tips I’ve given you. Remember, the diamond cards you earn from these tips may not be the highest ranked, but this is just a jumping off point. If you want the best players in the game, you’ll have a lot more work to do, but that’s a discussion for another time. For now, go play and remember to have fun.      

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