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Medieval Engineers

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Medieval Engineers - new manipulation tool & peasants

Author: KeenGamer

Category: Video

Medieval Engineers - new manipulation tool & peasants in the latest patch.

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New video was release showing how the manipulation tool can be used. You can now pick up objects weighting less than 180 kg. Heavier items can be only pushed or pulled. But don't look for realism. If you will watch the video you can find out that one man can easily pull a cart with stones of at least few tons and much higher than you :-). 

Another important feature added is an AI peasant. It's just in its alpha stage and he can only collect stones and other objects and bring them to the spawn point. It's the beginning but it looks very useful if you plan to build a huge castle. Without these AI it would be a big challenge. 

Also new fog could be found during the morning hours randomly spawned in the world. 

And your feet has got IK algorithm which simply means that your legs adapt to the terrain and aren't "burried" in buildings, stairs etc.

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