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The Elder Scrolls Online

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The Elder Scrolls Online - free for all? Worth playing?

Author: KeenGamer

Category: Preview

The Elder Scrolls Online - free for all? Worth playing? It depends on your experience with the game...

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Have you played Elder Scrolls Online few months back but was tired of the grind in the end? You can now jump again to the game and grind even more :-). There was a HUGE patch practically changing all the skills and added a lot of new features. 

The game looks nicer nowadays, movement animations were improved and in general players says that the graphics is better. Which is fine. 

The core play style was not changed. You must finish your story line and move to the other faction to go through the different point of view of the events and get Veteran ranks during the grind of quests. This was not changed but new Champion points were added. You can get up to 3600 points and improve another stats of your character. For example one point could give you 1% of HP regeneration more. But the more points you put into one skill the more the difference will diminish. Second point will not give you 2% but something like 1,75% etc. 

You can also read experience from beta testers and current players that to farm Champion points you must create alts, get them to the veteran rank 1, farm until the maximum level and create new alt. Because these CPs are gained only if you are playing a veteran character. And to get one point it could be easily 4-6 hours. Imagine how long it will take to get the maximum points :-). 

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However it seems that the system is prepared mostly for new players and is getting ready for the DLC which should come later this year. 

So if you are new to the game then you will enjoy it much more than the players right after the launch. The game is much more stable, fixed and tuned up. You can steal items from NPC, you can even kill them. Play different kind of minigames, visit another areas, enjoy more mounts and much more. 

For new players 

I would give the game nice 8/10.

For old players who made few characters to the max level 

there is not much to do. You can grind Champion points and fight in PvP or go through dungeons but not much more. Here I would give 5/10 and recommend to come back if you have no good reason.

For old players who ended around level 50 or at the Veteran level 1 or 2

then it's a good time to go back and play the game more because you will enjoy it the same like new players. For you the score could be around 6-7/10 and you can play the game for free without any worries or additional costs.

I belong to the last group and have already spent few hours in Tamriel. And few more hours are waiting for me :-).

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