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Elite: Dangerous - 1.1 patch is live but with problems

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Elite: Dangerous - 1.1 patch is live but with problems.

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The newest patch is live. But many players are having problems and some of them are blocking them from playing the game itself. If you have experienced beta patches in the past then you know that it is quite common for FD. Of course it's not all right but let's believe that fixes will come very soon. Practically on a daily bases. So don't loose faith and wait for a while to improve the quality of flying, commanders.

What are the reported problems?

1. Jumps are taking about 5 mins to complete for some players

2. Uncollectable bounties because of a faction that isn't in control of any station.

3. Combat bonds are now directly in correlation of the killed ship type. This is not an error but planned change.

4. Point defence with dumb fires is not working

5. Some players are getting the spinning ship loading screen for eternity

6. Crashes to desktop if you try to access cartography page for some players with a lot to sell.

7. The collision mechanic now is broken and makes the physics seem very fake and unrealistic. You can touch something so slowly and it blows up.

8. And other problems. Also several commanders are not happy with new sounds and new energy consumption and ships changes. But that is understandable. 

In general there are bugs and not working mechanics however everything should be fixed soon. Just take a look at the full list of changes in the patch! It is easy not to correct everything in one week of testing.

If you want something nice to watch and calm down if the game doesn't work for you then watch the latest Isinona's video :-).

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